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7 Helpful Tips to Plan Out Gifts for Anyone

Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other celebration, planning out gifts is an important thing to do. In fact, a MUST to do. When you plan out something for someone, you have to make sure that it is praiseworthy enough and the person likes it heartily. We know that it’s quite obvious to keep in mind a lot of things before planning anything out for anyone like your budget, the other person’s tastes and likings, their dislikes, etc. A gift can be in any form, be it a surprise or any … [Read More...]

22  Books to Get Them Thinking

We all want to be smarter, and we want the people around us to be smarter as well. Here are some books you can give them that will develop their thinking in very entertaining ways. 1. The Deduction Guide by Louise Blackwood One little detail can tell you a lot about a person. This book […]

A Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Favorite Mixologist

Do you wonder what to get for a Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite mixologist? Do you have a favorite mixologist?  I know I sure do, it’s my spouse! We have taken up cocktails with a vengeance over the past few years.  There are so, so many different flavor combinations that can be made from […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – No Matter Your Budget

  Ah Valentine’s Day… red roses and chocolate for all! Except, you might want to change it up, or pick something that’s a bit more original.  Heck, you might be looking for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that work for any budget, like the “DIY because I have no budget” option. Never fear. We’ve got you […]

20 Adorable Baby Pacifiers that make Great Gifts

Sooth your baby to sleep with these adorable soothers (pacifiers, for the Americans in the crowd). Why use a plain soother when you can use one of these really great options. Your baby will be the most hip kid on the block. Adorable Baby Pacifiers that make Great Gifts 1. For the hipster baby in […]

20 Gift Ideas for a Sophomore

Freshman year can be a bit of a challenge – leaving home, starting to figure out life on your own, screwing up a few times.  By sophomore year, most college students are amped to get back to school, see their friends and have a great time. The following gift ideas for a sophomore can be tailored […]

16 Cookbooks for Your Favorite Cook

Cooking and the appreciation of good food seems to be experiencing a revival. The celebration of food is everywhere ranging from cooking shows with child chefs, celebrity chefs eating around the world, and even the Food Network. Whenever you go out to eat you see people taking time to take pictures of the epic food […]

20 Gift Ideas for a Junior

A junior still needs to be patient for another year before owning campus as a senior.  In fact, coolness is of utmost importance at this stage. Pleasing such an individual may not be as easy as you think because the person has ‘seen it all’ in their freshman and sophomore years. A junior is not […]

100 Push Presents that are Actually Awesome  

Push presents are a relatively new phenomenon. They’re the presents a father gives to a mother when a little one is on the way. In this mega gift guide, we’ve thought of everything from the practical to the funny to the downright pointless and weird. Either way, we think there are all awesome contenders for […]

20 Gift Ideas for Plumbers

Never again will you face difficulty settling on the right gift for your plumber. Have a look at some of these gift ideas for plumbers and you will find something useful and in line with your personal taste. Here is a favorite list: 1. Customized Leathercraft The removable metal frame partition will slide to customize […]

Gift Ideas for a Freshman

For a freshman, college gives the first experience of independence and freedom. Being a freshman means having complete control of one’s time and schedule. In addition, there is a wealth of opportunities: clubs, fraternities, social groups, athletics and other college activities. A freshman has plenty of time to maximize on all the new experiences. Usually, […]

How to Make an Amazon Wedding Registry – Tips & Tricks

Do you feel intimidated by setting up a wedding registry? Sure, there are all sorts of emotional and political obstacles to navigate, from getting over “it looks like a cash-grab” to “no Grandma, we really don’t want fine china.” Ignoring those nuances and couples’ discussions, there’s the “how to actually go about things” part.  And […]

Monopoly Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Monopoly is a classic game that I’m not sure I’ve ever finished. Monopoly can last anywhere between 1 to 5 days and is beloved by children and dreaded by parents everywhere. Here’s a Monopoly game for every person you know, including your weird cousin Ed. Monopoly Gifts for Everyone on Your List 1. Star Wars: […]

20 Best Aprons for Everyone

Just because you’re always busy in the kitchen doesn’t mean you can can’t look good! These aprons are either cute or hilarious, regardless of your gender, so hurry up and start looking great while out grilling or cooking up a fine feast! 1. Plain Front Kitchen Apron – Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere! Not really […]

12 Custom Bobble Heads that Make Rad Gifts

There is something about bobble heads in my life.  Whenever I think of them, I associate them specifically with friends or experiences in my life.  Do you have the same sort of reaction? There’s the story about the mad rush to get Montreal Expo bobble heads, because they were so sought after by the crowds. There’s […]

20 Christmas Gifts for a Hairdresser

Your hairdresser. Your therapist, really. Christmas is a great time to say thank you to them for all of the extra services they provide.  Plus, you can go get yourself a nice head massage to relax a bit this December. 20 Gifts for a Hairdresser 1. I Will Cut You Tote Bag This tote bag […]

22 Superhero Shirts for Him

Superheroes. We all love them and want to be like them. And although it’s highly unlikely that a spider-bite will do anything else other than to make us scream in pain or get us in the hospital, there are shirts out there that could bring us guys a little closer to being like some of […]

20 Green Gift Ideas for Earth Conscious People

Do you know someone whose blood runs green? If they have an obsession with saving the planet and reducing their carbon footprint where possible, get them something they’re really going to appreciate this Christmas. Here are 20 green gift ideas appreciated by any green freedom fighter. 1. Flip Flop Doormats Nothing is cooler than a […]

20 Gadget Gifts That Fit in Your Wallet

Do you know there are amazing gadgets that can fit your wallet? Given that wallets are never left behind, to have gadgets that will fit in those wallets will be an amazing thing. Although not all of them will fit in the wallet at the same time but at least you can always have a […]