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20 Super Fun Shaped Baking Pan Gift Ideas

These baking pans are fun and interesting gift ideas for any confectionary lover!  Do you have the next winner of cupcake wars or cake boss in your life? Hook the baker up with one of these super fun shaped baking pan gift ideas. 1. Entenmann’s Minis: What’s cuter than miniature things? Nothing. Give this set of three for a surefire great response! 2. Decorative Springform Set: Not really a weird set, but it’s probably something most people don’t have and it gives your recipient lots … [Read More...]

20 Book Gifts for Dad

Dads… Where in life would we be without them? Trick question, we wouldn’t be here! Why not reward your dad for all of his love, advice and Dad jokes with a book perfectly suited to him! From the best one liners, to do it yourself guides, I’m sure you’ll find something in this list to […]

20 Gift Ideas for Welders

Welders probably have the biggest badassery level in the world today. Their job essentially involves fusing steel together, whilst throwing around a tool that shoots fire. You can’t get much cooler than this. If you know someone who’s part of this elite circle, we’re going to introduce you to 20 gift ideas for welders. 1. […]

20 Gifts for a College Senior

Graduation is coming fast, and your local college seniors are slowly starting to panic. I am a college senior and can attest to this, so read this list and buy me- I mean 1. Unlocked iPhone: College Seniors are about to pay their own phone bill, so they want to use the cheapest service. This […]

20 Gift Ideas for World of Warcraft Fans

World of Warcraft (WoW) is played around the world by more than 5 million players. It’s called an “MMORPG” or massively multiplayer online role playing game. To play the game, you create your own character, customizable down it its very own hair, who must complete quests and explore the large world. There is no end […]

20 Gifts for the Scotch Lover

Those who like scotch, like it a lot. This Christmas, get the scotch lover in your life one of these unique gifts sure to enhance the scotch tasting experience. 20 Gift Ideas for the Scotch Lover 1. Keep the scotch cold without diluting the flavour with these Ice Balls 2. Another option are chilling rocks […]

20 Gifts for Soccer Fans

Probably, you know someone who is still bugged by the last world cup in Brazil. This person refers to the front yard as the pitch and is a full-on soccer nerd who has been enslaved by the football world. You are probably wondering what you can get him or her,and you have been googling some […]

20 Superhero Shirts for Her

It’s no secret that everyone loves superheroes, so men and women alike would want a shirt or two to honor their favorite costumed saviors. How about twenty and all for the ladies? You can also take a look at superhero shirts for men, perhaps to get a matching pair? 1. Marvel Women’s Slim Comics Print Burnout […]

26 Book Gifts That Will Make You Question Humanity

As the song says, this is the season to be jolly. But with it comes a series of personal disasters not limited to people fighting over electronics or toys, blizzards leaving airplanes and passengers stranded, eating too much at Thanksgiving and so on. Through all these experiences we need some books that remind us both […]

20 Gifts for a Minecraft Fan

For a fan of Minecraft, for the fan of any videogame, really, there’s nothing better than having a tangible version of the props or characters. The following gift ideas are a surefire opportunity to provide that: 20 Gifts for a Minecraft Fan 1. LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Playset If you think it’s time to […]

20 Gadget Gifts for Dad

If your old man is a gadget nut, then it’s time to find him something that can make him smile. Dads are often overlooked when it comes to finding a unique gift, but not if you put in a little more effort. Whether your dad is an outdoor person, loves his phone, or fancies spy […]

Must-Haves for Overnight Hospital Stays

Today I’m stoked to introduce you to a relative of mine, Melissa.  She’s spent well more than her fair share of time in the hospital, despite only being in her twenties.  She wrote this epic guide to must-haves for overnight hospital stays for her friends and family on Facebook and graciously obliged when I asked if […]

20 Ideas for the Dog Lovers’ Gift Basket

Every dog lover would truly enjoy a gift basket and these great ideas would be perfect.  We know you’ve already picked out some great stocking stuffers for them!   1. ID tags 2. a book of dog love 3. puppy playpen 4. dog fountain 5. heart with puppy paw sticker 6. dog poop bags 7. […]

How British Weddings are Different

We speak the same language but we live in different worlds… There are significant cultural differences between us and the Brits and they go beyond the jam v jelly, “couldn’t/could care less” chasms that exchange students love to debate. Despite these yawning gulfs, Transatlantic love often thrives. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to […]

20 Alternatives to Barbie

Barbie is full of sexist drivel. It’s stereotypical and quite frankly we have enough little girls who grow up to be drama queens in the world. Empower them early with these fun dolls that don’t come from a company where a bad hair day is akin to a death of a beloved family pet.  Remember […]

20 Gift Ideas for Carpenters

If their passion is carpentry, celebrate their craftsmanship with a thoughtful gift. There are varieties of carpenter gift ideas, but if you want to impress, choose a personalized item that will be a one-of-a-kind gift. Whether they are amateur woodworkers or professional carpenters, they will appreciate any of these gifts: These gifts are: 1. Carpenter […]

20 Gift Ideas for the Bearded Gentleman

These days it’s very trendy for men to have a well-groomed beard. Here are some great ideas for that bearded gentlemen in your life this Christmas. Give him the gift of soft, clean and tidy facial hair.   1. Help his whiskers reach their softest with this Beard Balm. 2. For the man who prefers […]

7 Helpful Tips to Plan Out Gifts for Anyone

Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other celebration, planning out gifts is an important thing to do. In fact, a MUST to do. When you plan out something for someone, you have to make sure that it is praiseworthy enough and the person likes it heartily. We know that it’s quite obvious to […]

22  Books to Get Them Thinking

We all want to be smarter, and we want the people around us to be smarter as well. Here are some books you can give them that will develop their thinking in very entertaining ways. 1. The Deduction Guide by Louise Blackwood One little detail can tell you a lot about a person. This book […]