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Canadian Tips for Saving on Gift Baskets

Canadian Tips for Saving on Gift Baskets

If you are Canadian, like me, you might find yourself in awe at the prices some folks are paying for the gorgeous gift baskets they put together.  We don’t have The Container Store, or Dollar Tree, and haven’t had the Target $1 bins to use either.   So things are a bit more challenging, but […]

Housewarming Gifts for when they already have everything

What to Bring Someone as a Housewarming Gift When They Already Have Everything

Unless you’re in your early 20’s and without a lot of basic household possessions, buying just the right housewarming gift for a friend can be a daunting task. Even when you think your friends have every little item you think that they could possibly need, here are a few creative ideas to get you on […]

A Budget Wedding Gift Tip

Budget Wedding Gift Tip

Let’s say that you are a poor PhD student, slaving away in year five of six and eeking out a living on your graduate student stipend.  Then one day your mail contains an invitation to your friends’ wedding.  These friends hustled right out the door of their undergraduate degrees and are now raking in some […]

oh hey there friday

Oh, Hey there Friday!

Why Hello There!  I am just about to get on a plane and wing my way to some decent weather.  I am very much looking forward to it!  Don’t you worry, there are posts scheduled for awhile I am away, plus you will get to meet Kelsee, our newest writer, next Friday! Some folks I […]

How to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

How to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

It has been awhile since I wrote a post on how to save money on wedding gifts, so I will do so again, for all of you internet-savvy folks!  For the sake of this article, I am going to stick to major purchases.  Bridal shower and wedding shower gifts often deviate from wedding registries (ahem, […]

Mother's Day Gifts for the Home

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Home

Mothers are superheroes, aren’t they? They’ve given birth to us, put up with us and have had to juggle numerous responsibilities whilst ensuring we’ve had the best possible upbringing. Aside from the 24/7 job of being a mother, many are also proud homemakers that create beautiful homes out of a plain old house. The home […]

4 Gift Ideas for your New Age Friend

4 Gift Ideas for your New Age Friend

Yes, we all have one. Wild hair, a make-up free face and that serene, permanent, inward smile, not to mention a well-loved home with dream catchers, wind chimes, exotic smells and fair-trade items galore. But you’ve got to love them, those neo-hippies. When you’re with them, it seems as if everything is right in the […]


Non-Diamond Engagement Rings: An Alternative You Must Consider

It’s true that diamonds are the perfect choice when choosing an engagement ring. When it comes to durability and value, nothing beats this precious stone. In the past, diamond engagement rings were popular and used as a standard type of ring when proposing to your girl. But not everyone can afford a diamond engagement ring. […]

Gifts for College Graduation

Gifts for College Graduation

Last week we covered off a few gifts for college graduation and this week there are more to add!  Some of these can really get pricey, but others offer a lot of flexibility.  If you have more to add, let me know in the comments! Moving Costs Heading out into the big ol’ world requires […]