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The Freshman 15 - Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Take To College - Life is SO much better having these things! This is really smart.

The Freshman 15 – Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Heading off to college for the first time?  I am sure that you have heard of the Freshman 15  before.  Let me assure you, it is a real thing. All of a sudden your sleep schedule is off, you can eat whatever your heart desires, introduce alcohol calories, and quit going to soccer. As a horrible heads up, the number fifteen is light for some people, too.  20 lbs happens, to a lot of folks. That's not what we want to talk about today, though.  Let's talk about more fun things!  Here are is … [Read More...]

When should you give a gift

When You Should Give a Gift?

Most of us had asked this question: “Should we bring a gift?” Giving gifts, though can give us an image of generosity and affection, can sometimes feel like a chore especially if we are buying presents just to get something in return or just because it is expected from us. Of course, we don’t want […]

70 Wool 7th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

70+ Wool 7th Anniversary Gifts – For Him and Her

Traditionally, the seventh anniversary gift is wool, but it can also be copper.  If you have been following the traditional gift giving mantra, you will have already covered paper anniversary gifts, cotton anniversary gifts, leather anniversary gifts, linen anniversary gifts, wood anniversary gifts and iron anniversary gifts.  Don’t worry, we’ve covered them too! Did anyone […]

There's awesome stuff in here, I want most of these!!

15 Grilling Gifts You’ve Never Seen Before

Grilling gift baskets are a common panacea to the “I don’t really know this person, or they are really hard to shop for” problem.  Every single one has a set of barbecue tools, maybe a new lighter, and definitely some barbecue sauce. That’s all well and good, but most people have a healthy supply of […]

6 Birthday Gifts Every Husband Should Get His Wife

6 Birthday Gifts Every Husband Should Get His Wife

Men are generally found to be more confused about gift choice than a woman. I am specially pointing to all the husbands. I don’t want to prove this with any worldwide survey, but it’s my general observation. Today I thought to take this topic further and decided to help those husbands who don’t have any idea […]


How to Empower Yourself with Gifts

“Breaking up is hard to do”, as the song says, and it’s true. We’re all familiar with the situation of breaking up and getting back to the “single’s market” and it is never easy. However, sometimes a breakup reminds you to love yourself. It is so easy to drown yourself in self-pity, but you mustn’t […]

Here are the 111 best college graduation gifts that are better than beer money. Heck, I want half of them, I bet you do too!

The 111 Best College Graduation Gifts that are Better than Beer Money

Ahh college (university in Canadian-speak).  Good times.  Sleeping in, beer, studying, friends. But now it’s all over!  The college graduate has written the exams, handed in (most) of the assignments, and in return walked across a stage to receive a highly coveted piece of paper. So now you are looking to find an appropriate college […]

Top 5 Gifts for Wine Lovers

Top 5 Gifts for Wine Lovers

Everyone knows at least one person who loves wine. Wine lovers take pride in their knowledge about different flavors of wines and all the food pairings. You may even find that they have old wine bottles aging in their homes, waiting for the perfect year of peak taste. The best gifts for wine lovers are […]

Men can be hard to shop for! Here are 50 male teacher gifts to inspire, there are definitely ideas in here to pin for later, I won't be stumped again.

50 Male Teacher Gifts

If you find yourself wanting to get a gift for your child’s teacher or someone else in the school system, you may find yourself stumped for ideas.  There are a lot of fun ideas out there on Pinterest, but teachers may not appreciate quite all of them. Before you pick out a male teacher gift, […]

Memorable Gifts Review and Father's Day Giveaway

Memorable Gifts Review + Father’s Day #Giveaway

  Are you all ready for Father’s Day, and the upcoming summer wedding season?  June is underway, which means wedding season is underway! Today I have the chance to review some products from and they are generously backing a Father’s Day Giveaway as well!  They have a huge selection of all sorts of things that […]

The Remarkable Year - The Perfect Christmas Gift for creatives, writers and entrepreneurs

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Creatives, Writers and Entrepreneurs

Today I am very excited to bring you The Remarkable Year, and an interview with its creator, Kathleen.  Here’s how you’re going to have a remarkable 2016! What is the story of The Remarkable Year? My to-do lists used to be epic. I’d roll over all the unfinished to-dos from the week before, and I’d […]

My favorite wedding gift wasn't on my registry, but it was so useful and so thoughtful! I bet you'll love it too. Anyone will love it and anyone can buy it!

My Favorite Wedding Gift Wasn’t on My Registry

Hi everyone! I’m Kathleen, and I blog at ForProfitBlogging (among other places!). Last year, I got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married, and as a minimalist, it was hard. Not the planning, actually, that was really fun. But the wedding registry was difficult. It felt like a present grab (which, truthfully, it is). Because […]

3rd Anniversary Gifts for Him - 99 Leather Gifts to Inspire You

Leather 3rd Anniversary Gifts for Him

There’s something about shopping for gifts for men;  it just isn’t easy. Both the UK and North America list leather as the traditional third anniversary gift, which is quite convenient for us.  Thankfully, rich, deep leather is very often associated with men.  Think of smoking rooms,libraries and clubhouses, adorned with leather chairs and accessories. That […]

Surprise Your Spouse with the Paris Experience of a Lifetime

Surprise Your Spouse With The Paris Experience of a Lifetime

Paris, the largest city in France and the capitol city of that great country, is always one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists. There is a very good reason for this. The city has an enormous amount of culture and beauty. It is also famous for being one of the most romantic cities […]

The 4 Basics of Buying Diamond Jewellery

Clarity, Cut, Colour, & Carat: The 4 Basics of Buying Diamond Jewellery

If you’re like me, you probably have very little knowledge of the intricacies of purchasing jewellery — specifically diamonds. Like most people, I never knew purchasing diamond jewellery can be overwhelming especially if you do not have the slightest idea how to choose one. There are many places to find the information I needed like […]

Mother's Day Gifts for 2015 that Rock!

Mother’s Day Gifts for 2015 That Rock

Ahh, Mother’s Day.  Or is it Mothers Day?  Either way, it’s a day to celebrate the moms in our lives and take a moment to tell them that we really appreciate all that they have done for us. Coupon books for hugs and chores are all the rage, but for those of us who have […]

Gifts for Kids - That are really for parents!

Gifts for Kids (but Really for Parents) – Kid’s Furniture

Keeping kids happy and somewhat occupied is an age-old parenting chore.  Okay, perhaps not age-old, as back in the day, kids had a lot more economic contributions to the family than they do today. Giving kids kid-safe and kid-fun bedrooms is one of the pieces of the puzzle.  Giving kids a place that they are […]

Tips for Shopping for Gifts

Tips for Shopping for Gifts

Like clockwork, gift giving occasions pop up all year round. From the Christmas season to birthdays, graduations, and weddings – there’s always a reason to give friends and family something they’ll enjoy. As they pile up, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect thing for your loved ones. Online shopping is the best […]

7 Romantic Ideas for His Birthday

7  Romantic Ideas for his Birthday

There are/will be times when you feel so much love for your man (be it a boyfriend or hubby) that you want to shower all your love on him. Or sometimes, you just want to please him and so want to pamper him with the stuff he likes. And come Birthdays!! Gifting him something he […]