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7 Romantic Ideas for His Birthday

7  Romantic Ideas for his Birthday

There are/will be times when you feel so much love for your man (be it a boyfriend or hubby) that you want to shower all your love on him. Or sometimes, you just want to please him and so want to pamper him with the stuff he likes. And come Birthdays!! Gifting him something he loves on his birthday will remain in his memories for longer and cherish the special day. So, here are few romantic gift ideas for your man. As they said, embodiment of your love is better than explaining it. List of … [Read More...]

5 easy ways to save money on gifts

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gifts

Do you start feeling a bit anxious when you get invited to special events, knowing you’re going to have to make some changes to your budget to afford to bring a gift? Gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to induce panic. There are plenty of ways you can easily save money […]

Gifts for Geeks: What to Give a Gamer, Designer or Developer

Gifts for Geeks: What to Give a Gamer, Designer or Developer

Do you have an aspiring game designer or developer in your family? Wouldn’t it be nice to nail next year’s Christmas or birthday gift? If you’re looking for something truly unique, here are a few ideas to get you started. CMYK Playing Cards Like real normal cards, but better. These cards are CYMK, and include […]

Cool Gifts for Kids

Cool Gifts for Kids

Kids are angels of one’s life. If its your kids birthday or birthday of your friend’s kid, it is the time to have fun. The word cuteness goes so very well with kids that even going on the shopping spree for a kid will make you say, “cute”, every now and then. Are you also […]

Finding a baby gift that has that "Dad" characteristic can be difficult. This HUGE selection of Gifts for New Dads has a little something for everyone.

Gifts for New Dads

There’s something about many baby shower gifts that screams “this is a mommy gift” which is rather unfortunate. That vibe does not help you pick out a rockin’ gift for your best friend who is a new dad, but let’s find some things that do have that daddy vibe.  Coming up with gifts for new dads […]

Baptism Gifting - Essentials for Godparents and Guests

Baptism Gifting: Essentials for Godparents and Guests

The baptism ceremony is important for Christians around the world. Godparents and guests may wonder what the most appropriate gifts are for this event that celebrates the infant’s entrance into the faith and the etiquette surrounding baptism gifting. Gifts may differ in accordance with a particular branch of Christianity. The following tips will help godparents […]

Year by Year - Traditional and Modern anniversary gifts

Year by Year: Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a wedding anniversary gift idea, the Internet has plenty of well-thought-out lists — vacations, fashion, mix CDs, visits to the spa and so on. Sometimes, though, you could find yourself looking for more than just good ideas. You could want to think of something that could make your spouse’s day and […]

Pie Wedding Gifts

Pie Wedding Gifts or Wedding Gifts for Economists

Wedding gifts for economists you say? Yes, yes indeed. In shocking news, I get a lot of my ideas from looking at the wedding gift registries of my friends’ and seeing if anything pops out at me. One of my friends from grad school was getting married and I was perusing the list.   I […]

Second Anniversary Gifts for Him - 50 Cotton Ideas

Cotton 2nd Anniversary Gifts for Him

There’s something about shopping for gifts for men;  it just isn’t easy. Plus, when you find yourself married to one, there are a great number of gift giving occasions in the annual trip around the sun.  You find yourself wanting an anniversary gift for your husband, a birthday gift for your husband, a Valentine’s Day […]

Valentine's Day and Sharethelove

Valentine’s Day and #sharethelove

Valentine’s is here, shortly anyway.  First, we have to successfully make it through Friday the 13th.  I love the timing on that, I won’t lie. There are a great number of reasons to boycott Valentine’s Day, and it may sound odd that I am kind of one of those people, especially given that I write […]

Fifty Engagement Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Engagement Gift Ideas – Part III

 This is the third installment of a mini series, take a look at the other posts for more great gift ideas:      So your friends (or family) have signed themselves up to get hitched and now there’s a party!  You’re going, but you don’t know what to take as a gift?  (Besides the card, because […]

What to Send Instead of Flowers

What to Send Instead of Flowers

There are numerous occasions in life where we’ve been taught that sending flowers is the right thing to do. After receiving those flowers, where do they go? What happens to them? What about those times where you would have appreciated ANYTHING but flowers? Here are some ideas to get you started on what you might […]

10 Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

10 MORE Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

[tps_header] Weddings are an occasion where the floodgates seem to be unleashed in terms of gift giving. Maybe your only child is getting married and you want to bless them with an expensive wedding gift. Perhaps your children have refused any monetary help with the wedding, but you had already put aside savings and still […]

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Christmas Gifts

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Christmas Gifts

  The dust has settled.  The wrapping paper is recycled.  The pine needles are slowly starting to dissipate and you’ve considered taking down your decorations, but it seems like a lot of work. Now, you’ve got a pile of gifts in the corner of the living room, and, there is at least one in that […]

college bound gift ideas for homesick and nervous students

College-Bound Gift Ideas for Homesick and Nervous Students

Good gift givers study the receiver to achieve positive results.  For example, a college-bound student has emotional needs as well as immediate ones regarding schoolbooks, food, and a ‘cool’ roommate. If you’re in need of a good gift for a college-bound student, prey on their fears, presenting gifts that ease their mind, making it better […]

Ten Things to Not Put In Your Gift Baskets

Ten Things to NOT Put in Your Gift Baskets

  Of course all of these come with the caveat that some people do in fact need these things.  That said, many times, people already have a lot of these things on hand.  In fact, people usually have nicer versions of these things already, too. When going to give a gift basket, think to yourself, […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

“Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat” …isn’t it a shame that you haven’t bought that! (yet). The final countdown is on for Christmas gift purchasing and you might find yourself scrambling to find some last minute gift ideas, with only three days to go.  If you already have a gift stash, you should […]

Free Shipping Day

It’s Free Shipping Day! Here Are Participating Retailers

  Did you know that every year (as of recently, anyway), there is a Free Shipping Day?  Well, for 2014, today is that day!  (Today is December 18th, 2014, just in case you see this tomorrow.)  Giving Tuesday, Cyber Monday… Talk like a Pirate Day, there are quite a few “days” these days.  (Totally did […]

Creating Family Traditions - Puzzles

Creating Family Traditions – Puzzles

A family doesn’t require extended family, or out of town relatives or even kids, in order to be a family. Two people can constitute a family, young couples can constitute a family. Starting traditions that you can talk about later, build upon and look forward to, is actually really quite simple. Here is one easy […]