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Grocery Costs in North American Infographic and Cash Giveaway

Comparing Grocery Costs Coast to Coast & CASH #Giveaway

    Have you ever wondered how your grocery costs compare to grocery costs in other places? Well, over at Money Propeller, I have an infographic showing the cost of the same basket of goods in 12 different locales across North America!  It's very interesting stuff. Head over there to check out the infographic AND to enter the giveaway of a total of $250 USD cash, open worldwide! Do it.   Do it right now.   … [Read More...]

A Fun and Simple Gift Idea

A Fun and Simple Food Gift

  One of my coworkers was munching on a ziploc bag full of goldfish the other day, which led to a conversation about how it has been forever since I ate goldfish. (It also made me think of C.J. from the West Wing.) It turns out that his partner was going away for two weeks [...]

Inglorious Vegetables and Infants

Inglorious Vegetables and Infants

Happy Friday, y’all! Stop by Debt Free Guys to read my interview as part of their Money Masters series! This week I watched this awesome video by the French supermarket Intermarché. It tells the story of how they repurposed not-pretty vegetables that used to be discarded by wholesalers, reducing food waste. Yay! Tonight I am [...]

The Many Types of Pearls

The Many Types of Pearls

The Many Types of Pearls Akoya pearls are prized for their stunning rich color and luster, and are typically a symbol of beauty and elegance. Akoya pearls — which come from Japan’s akoya oysters –are on of the most popular pearl types on the market. They grow between 3 to 10mm, and naturally come in [...]

7 Gift Ideas for Little Gardeners

7 Gift Ideas for Little Gardeners

Little minds need nurturing for optimal growth.  Curiosities grow into lifelong hobbies and careers with a bit of help and guidance.  Kids who like to work with the earth become farmers, rural workers, and home gardeners. If you know a little person who likes to work in the dirt, consider the following seven gift ideas [...]

A Pampering Gift  Basket for Busy Moms

Pampering Gift Basket for a Busy Mom

When spoiling the busy moms in your life for Mothers’ Day, one of the easiest ways to make a big impression, on a not-so-big budget,  is to put together a bespoke gift basket. Since you can customize the contents to your gift recipient’s tastes, it will feel more special and thoughtful than more traditional options [...]

Announcing my new blog MoneyPropeller

Almond Fish and New Blogs

Drum roll please!!!!! *brrrrrrrrrr*  (<- You had best be doing this on your desk or making a noise right now!) *brrrrrrrrr* I have ventured into the land of Personal Finance blogs! (Aka PF blogs, aka the blogs that I read all the time!) Introducing: Money Propeller!  Monday was the “official launch,” and I have been [...]

driver's lessons

Give Your Child The Best Gift Of All: Driving Lessons

So – your child’s 17th birthday is in a month’s time and you still don’t have a gift to mark this momentous occasion. Some children will ask for an expensive laptop or gadget, or some other item. However, the best gift to give them is driving lessons. For starters, if they have been eyeing up [...]

A Gift for a Friend Having a Rough Time

A Gift for a Friend Having a Rough Time

Sometimes, you need a gift idea for a friend having a bad day, or a gift for a friend having a rough time.  Sometimes, it is a culmination of events over quite a long time, making for an overall rough time.  Other times, it is a month or so where everything just seems to go [...]