I’m Giving Away a Gift!

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Alrighty!  I have been inspired by all of the awesome giveaways at Frugal Portland, Life [Comma] Etc  and Budget for Health lately, so I thought I would also share the love.  This is also my way to say thank you for reading the sponsored posts that I have had lately.  You see, they come with this perk – cash – so I can pass it on to you now!  Even more awesome, Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has very generously offered up a copy of her ebook How I Make Money Blogging as a second prize!  Reading Crystal’s book is what has enabled me to make some dollars to pay forward, I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself.

If you are new here, please take a second to look around.  Looking for easy and way more fun ways to give cash gifts?  Check this out! Planning to stick to a wedding registry gift, but give it some spice? The Ultimate Registry Top Ups List is where you need to be.

Finally if your budget is stretched and you need a super cheap gift, at the very least you can find out How to Write an Awesome Wedding Card.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this little pay-it-forward giveaway.  The contest is for one Amazon gift card, for which you can select the currency;  your choices are $25 CAD, $25 USD or £16 PS.  You can buy pretty much anything there, but not quite, so I hope you find it useful! You could even use it to buy someone else a gift, because you’re an awesome person like that.  A second place prize is one copy of How I Make Money Blogging.  The winners will be announced and emailed on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

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  1. Awesome giveaway!! I would have to say the most thoughtful gift I ever got was a hand knit scarf and mittens from a friend in my favorite color. So sweet!

  2. Sarita Rajiv says:

    This is really nice giveaway Anne. I'm especially excited about the e-book. I would love to win that, great for bloggers like me:-)

  3. The last truly awesome gift I received was paid tuition to a photography course. It was awesome, thoughtful, and dead useful.

  4. Most recently, the most awesome gift I have received was a t-shirt from one of my close friends that says "Careful. Or You'll End Up On My Blog." I also love the bouquet of crazy-colored flowers my hubby bought me the other day to spruce up our new kitchen…

  5. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. It felt like such an extravagant gift, when really, regular beaters would've done the job. :)

    • Dont' ever blaspheme the power of the kitchenaid! Hahaha. Yes, they are pretty darn awesome and it is theoretically possible to do with out, though I don't know why anyone would want to! ;-)

  6. Right on, I love giveaways!!! ;)

  7. holly says:

    Nice! I hope you have a great week!

  8. hI, followed you here from MFin3. Will have a look round for inspiration. Craty bits and pieces are my favourite gift as my hobby can get quite expensiive with all the "must haves"

  9. The best gift I ever received was my 21st birthday party. My bf (now hubby) organized a surprise bday/classy wine & cheese party all on his own and my sister who lived 2 hours away at the time was there.Thanks for the mention in your article, I've included your giveaway in my post for Friday when I announce the winner of the $25 Blurb gift card!

  10. Melina says:

    The most creative gift I ever received was yarn and a pattern the person found during a trip to Ireland. I made my own beautiful sweater and think of the person every time I wear it! I loved the gift because I had just taken up knitting and it was a fun project I got a cute sweater to add to my closet!

  11. Great giveaway! I tried to figure out how to use your widget to tweet this post and failed miserably lol. I shall share the old fashioned way.

  12. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Melissa says:

    The most memorable gift I've ever received was a horse, for Christmas! I grew up on a dairy farm so it's not that weird but we always only had cows and I wanted a horse so bad lol.. Still have her on my parents farm, she's over 20 years old! <3

  14. I can't think of a gift that was terribly creative, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them all.

  15. I've had a few but most recent was a cookbook from my aunt at our wedding, she collected family recipes and complied them for us, so sweet.

  16. My daughter's artwork. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Shannon says:

    A beautiful necklace hidden in a box of my favorite chocolates

  18. So true! Now, if only I could get one in turquoise.

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