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10 Beautiful Ways to Use Gift Bags at Your Wedding

10 Beautiful Ways to Use Gift Bags at Your Wedding

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If youโ€™re like most brides and grooms, you spend months โ€“ possibly even years โ€“ planning exactly what your wedding will be like. The food, the music, the venue, the guests, the colors โ€ฆ everything has to be just so. And fair enough: You only get one shot at this, right?

One of the best ways to wow guests is to be unique, and we canโ€™t think of a better way to do that than designing your own wedding logo and using it on branded bags. Designing a simple symbol and using it with your names, all printed on custom bags, makes for a charming accessory on your wedding day. Then no matter where your guests go on your special day, theyโ€™ll be reminded of you and your love.

Wondering just how to use these bags to the fullest?

Here are 10 canโ€™t-miss ideas to put in your wedding plans today.

1. Wedding Favors

The most obvious use for branded bags is wedding favors. People are used to getting a token present when they head home from a wedding, and paper bags are a traditional vessel for presents. Consider giving out small plants, cute stationery or, of course, wine bottles.

2. Signage

Signage is another fantastic use for bags. Pointing guests toward the ceremony site, particular tables, lawn games, the picture booth or the bathrooms is a necessity, so you might as well make it cute, right? Fill one-bottle bags with sand halfway up, then stick signs on poles into them.

3. Candle Holders

If you hold your wedding at night, nothing adds more beauty and flair than candles. Did you know you can make your own candle holders from paper bags? Simply order your bags, cut out shapes and designs around the logo (or add painted details) and pop open the bag. Insert a tea light inside each one, and set them along walkways, at the edges of the wedding site, around the altar or along the stage. Try pairing them with twinkle lights and lanterns for a truly fairy tale effect.

4. Wine Coolers

Drinks must be chilled! Itโ€™s an unbreakable axiom of weddings, right? If youโ€™re looking for a cute way to keep drinks cold short-term, consider insulated bags with their covers popped open and filled with ice. Sure, youโ€™ll still need large coolers too, but itโ€™s a great way to decorate tables and bars and keep a bottle or two on hand at tables.

5. Wedding Program Baskets

Everyone loves a wedding program, with the lineup of the ceremony and your wedding colors on it. After printing your programs, place them in a paper bag at the head of the aisle so people can take one as they go to their seats. If you like, you can even cut the tops off a few paper bags (above your adorable logo, of course) to make the effect more โ€œbasket-like.โ€

6. Table Centerpieces

Dinner is the main event, so make it good. And by that, we mean make it beautiful. Guests love sitting at tables, being wined and dined fabulously, and gazing at lovely decorations in the company of people they care about. You can make decorations the best they can be by placing vases of flowers and groupings of greenery inside beautiful bags. Euro tote bags, for instance, have the sturdy construction and luxury sheen to make for gorgeous centerpieces.

7. Gift Storage

Although itโ€™s just as traditional these days to send wedding presents to the couple before or after the wedding so they donโ€™t have to cart them home, many people still bring their gifts on the big day. When faced with the prospect of towering presents and no good way to carry them, many young couples have been known to throw up their hands. Instead, take a deep breath, and get your bags read. Large bags make a perfect solution, ready and waiting to haul your bounty home.

8. Plant Decorations

Greenery is a prime component of most wedding decorations. Inside, itโ€™s used to line the aisles and decorate tables. Outside, itโ€™s used as an adornment along the stage and at the entrances to buildings. Plop your arrangements inside bags to give everything a seamless decorative look. Leather bags make an especially dramatic statement.

9. Firewood Carriers

Many weddings at the beach, in backyards or at lodges end with a big bonfire. If youโ€™re planning to set a blaze in the evening, consider storing the wood in sturdy non-woven bags beforehand. Full of firewood, these attractive bags make an adorable statement piece grouped around a fire pit or set off to one side until youโ€™re ready. If youโ€™re especially enterprising, ready one bag with tinder, kindling and matches as well.

10. Lawn Game Holders

Lawn games are such a fun addition to any wedding. Giving your guests something to entertain themselves with during cocktail hour or after dinner is the nice thing to do, especially if there are youngsters in your midst. Store your games in large bags, sticking croquet bats handle-down in bags full of sand and keeping bocce balls in others. Still need lawn game ideas? Hereโ€™s a fantastic resource.

Weddings benefit from the beautiful, the elegant, the unusual, and these 10 ideas certainly fit the mold. Of course, more than anything else, your wedding should reflect you. Bags emblazoned with your names and a little design will do much to add a themed appeal to your special day, but it will only be magical if you follow your heart and plan the day that truly speaks to you as a couple.

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