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15 Calendars for 2015

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I have to admit, this idea is definitely not mine. I stole it, all of it, from Susannah at Feast and West. ย Her site is absolutely full of pretty things, including her list of 15 Calendars for 2015.

It was such a delightful idea that I thought to myself, “I should do that, too!”

And so I have.

I generally do not buy calendars for myself. ย Each fall, I make one for my extended family, which is another case of me doing a copy, paste and modify. ย My spouse’s family has had a family photograph calendar for years and years. ย It gets so much attention from everyone that I thought I should do one for my own family. ย It takes quite a lot of work, let me tell you. ย In the end, though, we have two personalized calendars on our kitchen wall.

At work, there are calendars from vendors and shift calendars and whatnot, so I don’t tend to have a need for one there, either.

I digress. ย You, however, may want a delightful and adorable calendar for 2015. ย If you take a look at Susannah’s collection, and mine, you will have an overwhelming 30 to pick from!

If you can pick, you should probably gift one to your friend, or your coworker, so that you can enjoy it, but not be the crazy person with 30 calendars in their home.

If you do decide you ย need 30 calendars, you should probably make it a thing, on Pinterest. ย Make a gallery wall and snap some picts. ย I promise I will repin it for you.



Blue Sky 2015 Chevron Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Dabney Lee Collection, Case Bound, 22 x 17 Inches


Keep It Shrimple, Stupid: The Art of David Olenick 2015 Wall Calendar


WTF? 2015 Wall Calendar


I Could Pee on This 2015 Wall Calendar


The Oatmeal 2015 Wall Calendar


Lotta Jansdotter 2015 Wall Calendar


Things Come Apart 2015 Wall Calendar


Environmental Art: Contemporary Art in the Natural World 2015 Wall Calendar


2015 Typography Calendar (2 sizes available)


At-A-Glance Monthly Desktop Easel Calendar 2015, Wirebound, 5 x 7 Inch Page Size (YP216-28)


Chalkboard Calendar Vinyl Wall Decal (With Free Numbers Through 2017)


2015 Paint Chip Wall Calendar Paper Source


Wall Pops WPE0980 Kraft Monthly Calendar


2015 Gold Foil Desk Calendar Paper Source


Dry Erase Decal Calendar Black Fluorescent

ย And there you have it. ย Fifteen delightful calendars for 2015. Which one is your favourite?

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