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An adorable collection of ornaments to trim your tree. I love home decor for Christmas!

20 Amazing Ornaments to Trim Your Tree

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Almost everyone has a Christmas tree and decorates it according to their own personality and passions.

Finding the perfect ornaments can be easier said than done with so many ornaments on the market to sift through. Some are wonderful, while others are not so perfect. To make it easier, here are 20 amazing ornaments to trim your tree and make it something special.

1. Crystal Snowflake

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These Swarovski crystal snowflakes are super sparkly which will reflect the lights in your tree. Not only is that fabulous, but these are collectible with a new design released every year. These would work in almost any style tree, except maybe a beach theme.

2. Red Ball Ornaments

red ornament

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These are pretty generic ornaments, but they are definitely a necessity to tie together the whole tree. I have these is purple, and my tree is banginโ€™.

3. Game of Thrones Disk Ornaments

games of thrones

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There are a lot of people out there obsessed with Game of Thrones. I know some of these people and they would be completely in love with these.  It doesnโ€™t hurt that the colors would match a tree decorated in traditional Christmas colors.

4. Shell Ornaments

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If you have a strong dislike for winter, decorating your tree with real sea shells might cheer you up a bit. Pair these with some burlap, blue ornaments, and lighthouses and your tree will be just as ready as you are for a tropical vacation.

5. Nutcrackers

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If you arenโ€™t terrified of them, nutcrackers are great for a classic Christmas tree.

6. Rudolph and Friends

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Rudolph is my all-time favorite Christmas movie. These are perfect for everyone who doesnโ€™t think it is Christmas without Rudolph.

7. Glass Pinecone Ornaments


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These are both classy and rustic- perfect for either a classic or rustic Christmas tree. Also, bugs wonโ€™t crawl out of these like real pinecones.

8. Wolf Snow Globe Ornament

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Wolves are so majestic.  This is perfect for anyone who loves snow globes, wolves, or both. I donโ€™t recommend shaking the tree to make it snow.

9. Porcelain Santa Clause Ornament

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So many Santa ornaments are tacky, childish, or both. This one, however, is classy and sure to match most tree color schemes. Just donโ€™t drop it.

10. Glass Angels

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Simple yet beautiful, these angels will watch over you and your presents this Christmas.

11. Soccer Snowman

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Cute and wintry for the soccer fan in your household. This snowman wonโ€™t melt either.

12. Baby Jesus

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Nothing is more Christmas than baby Jesus- it is his birthday after all!

13. Babyโ€™s First Christmas

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Every baby needs a babyโ€™s first Christmas ornament. It will be a conversation piece if you donโ€™t have kids.

14. Woodland Animals

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These are so cute and would be great for an animal lover tree or a rustic tree.

15. Felt Ornaments

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These wonโ€™t break when you drop them, except if the dog eats it.

16. Wine Cork Grape Ornaments

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These wine cork grape ornaments are adorable. They are perfect for wine lover everywhere.

17. Disney Princess Ornament Set

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Your tree will be absolutely magical with this set of all of your favorite Disney princesses.

18. Who Ornament Set

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This is for your science fiction, time traveling, and Dr. Who loving friend. Anyone who watches the show needs this on their tree so it can be out of this world.

19. Beer in a Tree

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โ€œOne the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me beer in a tree.โ€ Buy this so he will stop putting empty beer cans in the freaking tree.

20. Santa Hat Footballs

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These should probably stay on the man-cave Christmas tree.


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