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These are great Christmas decorations, especially number one, it's hilarious and adorable!

20 Best Christmas Decorations

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When Christmas time rolls around, just like Halloween, everybody starts decorating their house and yard with all kinds of snow-time wonders. Why not get a little creative, or really go the extra mile, with these decorations?

1. Snowman Santa Toilet Seat

Go ahead and decorate even your bathroom in the Christmas spirit with this adorable seat cover.

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2. Santa Restroom Door Cover

Now you know where Santa gets the time to check his list twice.

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3. Snowflake String Decorations

Even if it isn’t snowing outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it snow inside!

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4. LED Solar Pathway Lights

A Christmas-y way to light up the walkway.

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5. Star Shower Laser Lights

Nobody enjoys the work and hassle of putting up those Christmas lights, and even more so the work of taking them down. This solves that problem.

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6.Cookies & Candy Wreath

You can’t go wrong with a cute and classic decoration.

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7. Vehicle Reindeer Antlers

Decorate even your car!

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8. Assorted Clear Glass Icicle Ornaments

Not chilly enough for the real thing? Problem solved.

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9. Tin Soldier Wall Decoration

Just in case you need someone to guard the house.

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10. Metal Star String Decorations

Some LED lights that can brighten both the room and the mood!

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11. Golden Christmas Nail Art

Don’t forget to get your nails into the Christmas spirit as well!

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12.Classic Train Set

train set

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A simple but enjoyable decoration that kids will love! Of course, it doesn’t have to stop at being a decoration, either.

13. Santa’s Message Plate Set

message plate

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The time honored tradition of leaving food out for Santa.

14. Nativity Set

Nativity Set

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For those who prefer the spiritual side of Christmas.

15. Bumper Magnet

Merry Christmas!

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16.Inflatable Disney Snowman

Can’t go wrong with Disney decorations.

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17.Christmas Tree Night Light Lamp

For the Christmas season! Or, stay in the spirit all year long!

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18. String Light Curtains

Seriously, just decorate everything.

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19. Santa Hat Chair Covers

I said everything, and I meant it.

Christmas House 20″ Santa Hat Chair Covers (Set of 4)

20. Santa Fence Toppers

Don’t forget to invite Santa to the party! He just might get stuck on the fence, though.

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