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These are the must-have party games for 2017! Have you played them all? Perfect for games night and creating a family board game collection.

20 Best Party Games for 2017

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Nothing is better than a gathering of friends and a little competition with an awesome game and a few beverages. Some games are goofy, some are battles of strategy and some are not for the underage. Here are a few that are guaranteed to make your next games night a blast.

The BEST Party Games

Cards Against Humanity

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This is the ultimate adult party game, and not for the politically correct crowd. New expansion packs mean that it can be played over and over without getting repetitive.

Settlers of Catan

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This game is always a hit for those who like a little strategy and competition during games night. With an always changing game board, it takes a new plan each time to win. For a smaller group of up to 8 people with the expansion pack.


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No games night is complete without the classic twister. Lots of laughter will ensure as the positions get harder and harder to complete without falling over.


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Diseases have broken out and its up to the players to strategize to wipe them out before they take over the world!

Exploding Kittens

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This game is a great choice for a larger crowd and is a game of chance, draw the exploding card out of the deck and you are out until the last Cat is standing.

Drunk Stoned Stupid

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This is a game of who knows who with a definite angle of who knows who best. The trick is to decide how each person will react to any given situation with the cards drawn.

Smart Ass

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This game is going to be a loud and crazy good time, where anybody can yell out an answer not just one at a time. There is a smart ass is every group, find out which one is in yours!

Voting Game

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This is not a game that you want to play with your mom, as many of the questions are rated R. Laughter is guaranteed especially if adult beverages are involved.

Never Have I Ever

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Along the same vein as the game above, this one is for adults only and will really open your eyes up about your group of friends.

Murder Mystery Taste of Wine

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For the mystery lovers, this game provides an evening of entertainment while the group tries to figure out who did it.

Sway: A game of Debate

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This game is for a group of friends that likes to have a friendly argument and healthy debates. Over 500 topics keeps things interesting throughout the party.

All Things Equal

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how well do you know your friends, find out by guessing who wrote what answer to each β€˜loaded question’

Ticket to Ride

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A super fun game for a smaller group, easy to learn and has lots of twists and turns to keep the excitement going.


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If you’ve played cards against humanity one too many times, but still like the idea, this is the next step in the twisted card game category.


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This game can be as family friendly or grown up as you might like given the situation you are in.

What’s Yours?

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Can you guess what I have? Describe an object in question form and let other people guess what it is you have. Fun for medium to large size groups.

Spin Master

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Go head to head at a party and see who can answer the most questions in the time allotted in many many fun categories.


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A brand new version of a favorite party game, which answer is the truth and which is made up?

Battle of the Sexes

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who is the smarter sex, men or women, find out in this ultimate battle of the sexes.

Disturbed Friends

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Another fun adult game, with 250 disturbing questions and hours of entertainment.

A party of any size can enjoy a party game, and some of these are the best around to get your friends out for a good laugh and a great time.

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