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These are fantastic Father's Day gift ideas! My Dad would love these books.

20 Book Gifts for Dad

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Dads… Where in life would we be without them? Trick question, we wouldn’t be here! Why not reward your dad for all of his love, advice and Dad jokes with a book perfectly suited to him!

From the best one liners, to do it yourself guides, I’m sure you’ll find something in this list to give back for all those happy memories with your dad.

1. The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

We have to start this list off with this book. If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of hearing the same old dad jokes told over and over again. Perhaps with this book, your dad will be finally able to tell some great dad jokes!

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2. Wisdom for Fathers from Great Coaches

This is something a little different. A book of quotes from some of the greatest coaches of all time, for those dads who like to inspire and motivate (So most of them!).

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3. The New Dads Survival Guide

Stepping into the world of parenthood is never an easy task. This guide offers man to man advice on how to do your very best.

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4. The Complete Do-It Yourself Manual

A must have for every dad! This DIY manual is perfect for any dad who loves to use his skills to “redevelop” his home.

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5. DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner

Another book on the DIY projects, this one offers 25 projects to keep your dad busy. From beekeeping to animal pens, this will surely have something every dad will enjoy.

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6. Total Fishing Manual

Father and Son (Or daughter!) bonding, there is nothing better. This large fishing manual will turn those boring fishing trips into action-packed fish frenzies.

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7. Dad’s book of Awesome Recipes

This book contains over 100 recipes for your dad to enjoy making for the whole family. From Sweet Candy Bacon, to Cheesy Chicken Fingers, you can be sure your dad will find something to tickle your tastebuds.

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8. Dads Own Cookbook

Let’s face it, some dad’s are terrible cooks. Well why don’t we give them a helping hand? This cookbook is the perfect guide for stepping into the scary world of cooking and creating some great food.

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9. War and Peace

Although not really aimed towards dads, I feel I had to add a few classics to this list. Starting of with Leo Tolstoy’s classic, War and Peace. This award winning classic is a must-read for anyone, and would make a great gift for your dad.

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10. Dune

Another classic, Frank Herbert’s Dune. If your dad hasn’t read this already, it will make a great gift. If he likes it, there is more in the series for potential gifts afterwards.

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11. Top Gear Coolest Cars

If your dad is a fan of cars, this book will be perfect for him. It contains the coolest 500 cars ever made, with a small description of each and a picture to go alongside. A great gift for those motorhead dads.

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12. Fifty Cars That Changed the World

Staying with the cars, this book is perfect for dads interested in the history or design of cars.

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13. James Bond Evolution

I could have listed all of the James Bond books on this list, but then I wouldn’t have had space for anything else! This book shows the history of Ian Fleming’s stories, as well as the drive behind the movies.

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14. Greatest Baseball Stories Ever Told

This book is ideal for Baseball loving dads. An entertaining take on thirty unforgettable moments in Baseball history.

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15. You Cant Make This Television

For the sport loving dads out there. From the memories and insight of Al Michaels, this memoir relives the greatest stories of the last forty years in sports.

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16. Gagged and Bound

Don’t worry! This isn’t some X-rated Erotica. Instead, we have a book of one-liners and dad jokes. Featuring over 500 jokes, this is a nice gift for those dads who think they are hilarious. (All of them!).

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17. Steve Jobs

This biography is a great read for anyone, however it makes a good gift for dads! Steve Jobs needs no introduction I’m sure. This biography recounts the behind the scenes life of the creator of Apple.

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18. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Using the own words of Benjamin Franklin himself, this book will take you back to a different era. An interesting gift for any dad.

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19. A Brief History of Time

A simple to read book from one of the greatest minds – Stephen Hawkings. This book tries to answer some of the questions we’ve all wondered: How did the Universe begin? What are Black Holes? A very interesting read.

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20. SAS Survival handbook

Last on our list, is this useful survival handbook. A great gift for those dads who enjoy being in the forest, or exploring dangerous landscapes. With guides on how to make fires, doing first aid and navigation, this book offers a complete collection on how to stay safe on excursions.

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  1. What a good book list! I personally liked the book Steve Jobs. This is a book for everyone, for sure it is suitable for our dad. My dad is an entrepreneur for sure he knew who is Steve Jobs but his success story did not know by everyone. Most people know only about he is the founder of Apple but that's all. I liked other books as well. Thanks for the good list.

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