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gift ideas for your brother's 30th birthday | Milestone Birthday Ideas | Gift Guide for Brother | Thirtieth Birthday Presents | Creative Gifts for Men

20 Gift Ideas for Your Brother’s 30th Birthday

gift ideas for your brother's 30th birthday | Milestone Birthday Ideas | Gift Guide for Brother | Thirtieth Birthday Presents | Creative Gifts for Men

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Brothers can be more than just annoying sometimes. But truth be told, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!

Trying to choose a gift, that means more to him than anything else, makes it a little more difficult. Especially since you’ve known him all your life and watched him change his mind about many things, over the years.

That’s why we’ve chosen 20 (you know what) kicking gifts that will make him say” You’re not too bad, hey!”

Gift Ideas for Your Brother’s 30th Birthday

Level 30 Video Games – Tshirt

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Your gamer bro would absolutely love this T-Shirt. A great way to remind him he’s 30 aaaaaannnnnd still playing games. Will he ever grow out of it?

Casio Sport watch

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This watch will have him on time to all his dates. Guess his dates would appreciate this more!

Laptop sleeve

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Give him this laptop sleeve to last him another 3 decades. Or the very least that it’s time to grow up.

Passport holder

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This passport holder is perfect to keep your vagabond bro’s passport in place.

Bourbon lip balm

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Every good guy loves great bourbon! So much so, that the taste on the lips with this lip balm will make you his favorite sibling… even if you’re his only sibling.

Personalized Dopp Kit

Give Metro Bro this Dopp kit to have him looking stylish all the time.

Beard balm

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Mountain Bro will keep his beard soft for the laaayydeees. Guess you’re definitely gonna be his favorite.

Personalized guitar pick

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Remind him that you picked him to be your brother before he was born! If he doesn’t believe you, he will be grateful for this though.

Mr Messy Books

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Some men just don’t grow up!

Indian journals

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You don’t need to be Indian to use this journal.. Encourage him to meditate everyday. WOOOSSSAAAAH

Vinyl LP Wall Clock

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If Lil bro is a Vintage music fan… This wall clock will have him Dirty Dancing the Time of his life!

Happy Happy birthday gift basket

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Satisfy (or at least try to) his sweet tooth with this great gift basket.

Nikon binoculars

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These binoculars will have him looking to the future knowing that his sister or brother loves him very much.

Ground cushion

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These ground cushions will be much appreciated during hunting season.

Personalized Big brother book

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A trip down memory lane is a sure way to warm his heart!

Star Trek DIY gift

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Any geek would love this gift. And if your bro is an avid DIYer… This geeky DIY gift is perfect!


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This keychain will always be kept close at hand. Literally. Yet a great expression of sibling love.

Leather Bracelet

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Your bro would just love this Boho leather bracelet. A great way to have him looking stylishly manly.

Vintage movie projector

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This one of a kind movie projector might just be the thing to make his heart jump with joy for having a bro or sis like you!

Chickadee sewing pattern

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Men sew too! If your bro loves needlework, this gift will be right up his alley. Or you could prank him with this gift.


Did you find something he’ll like? We sure hope so. You can always run these birthday gift ideas past your boyfriend, friend, or best friend! Heck, you could use these ideas for your best friend’s 30th too!

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