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20 Retirement Gift Ideas for your Dad

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Your Dad’s retirement is a big event. What can you get him that’s both special and useful for his new phase of life? You’ll find the perfect gift for your Dad, no matter what his interests are, in this list of 20 retirement gift ideas.

Retirement Gift Ideas for your Dad


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With all that free time, your Dad will be able to get through a lot of books! Why not get him a Kindle so he can easily pick what he wants to read and take his collection on all his new adventures?

Home Beer Brewing Kit

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Beer brewing is a brilliant hobby for any retired person. Inspire your Dad to give it a go with this Home Beer Brewing Kit.

World Travel Map Pin Board

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Retirement is all about travel right? Your Dad will love being able to plot future trips and track his journeys on this sophisticated World Travel Map Pin Board.

The Book of Me: A Do It Yourself Memoir

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This is a gift, not just for your Dad, but for you whole family. Writing a memoir is an incredible way for your Dad to pass on his memories to the next generation. This Book of Me will help him to do it in a totally accessible way.

Journey Companion

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If your Dad already has his first retirement vacation planned, get him this Journey Companion travel wallet and pen to accompany him on his adventures.

Drives of A Lifetime

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Inspire your Dad to get behind the wheel and make the most out of his retirement, with this beautiful book of Drives of A Lifetime!

The Big BBQ

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BBQing is a retirement hobby that benefits everyone! Get your Dad’s culinary creativity going with this Big BBQ set.

Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

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Weekly games of golf are like a Dad’s retirement requirement right? With this gorgeous Leather Golf Scorecard Holder in hand, your Dad’s time on the golf course will be even more special.

Gardening Tool Kit

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Gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Get your Dad this Gardening Tool Kit so he has everything he needs to make his beautiful garden a success.

Bee Hive

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Beekeeping is an unusual but brilliant way for your Dad to spend his retirement! From having his own honey supply to making a positive impact on the local environment, the benefits of keeping bees are endless.

Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling

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For Dad’s who like to learn new things, this Guide to Whittling is a great way to try a natural and inexpensive hobby.

Outdoor Cookware Set

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If your Dad’s planning on spending all of his new-found time in the great outdoors, he’ll love this comprehensive Outdoor Cookware Set!

Home Theatre System

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If there is ever a time to relax in your home cinema enjoying all of your favourite movies, it’s when you’re retired! This Home Theatre System will make your Dad’s evening in front of the TV a seriously special experience.

Moleskine Travel Planner

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The Moleskine Travel Planner is a brilliant gift for Dads who love to discover new places. He’ll enjoy coming up with trip ideas and organising all of the details in this high quality planner.

Italian Leather Driving Gloves

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If your Dad is looking forward to a retirement packed with afternoon drives, treat him to these Italian Leather Driving Gloves to make them even more memorable.

Find Anything

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If your Dad’s memory isn’t the best and he doesn’t want to spend half of his retirement searching for where he put his keys, wallet or phone, get him this Find Anything tracker!

Angler Swiss Army Knife

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Does your Dad already have his spot by the lake reserved for the next 20 years? Then get him this thoughtful gift of an Angler’s Swiss Army knife! It’s something special but will also come in very useful.

Fitbit Charge

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Fitbit Charge is a great gift for Dads who love being active. It’ll help him to track his activity and sleep so he can enjoy a long and healthy retirement.

Art Set

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Inspire Dad to unleash his creativity with this fantastic Art Set. It has everything that he’ll need to rediscover his inner artist (that he probably left behind at Elementary School!)


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Whether your Dad likes hiking, hunting or birdwatching he’ll really appreciate this high spec pair of binoculars. Just make sure he keeps himself busy and doesn’t use them to start spying on his neighbours when he’s feeling bored!

Which of these brilliant retirement gift ideas will you choose for your Dad? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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