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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Girl

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Want to choose the perfect birthday gift for the 3 year old girl in your life? If you’re looking for something that will help with her learning and development then you’re in the right place! By giving her one of these 20 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) gifts, she’ll get a gift that she loves playing with and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a difference to her education.

STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Girl

Play-Doh Shape And Learn Numbers

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This hands-on Play-Doh kit helps kids to learn to count in a seriously fun and creative way!


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Girls will love clicking together these colorful magnets to build tall towers, unique structures and 3D shapes of their own design.


First Robot Engineer

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Kids will have a brilliant time learning how to build their first robots. It won’t be long before she’s got a job with Elon Musk!


Bug Opticals

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Do you know a 3 year old girl who loves playing outdoors? If so, Bug Opticals is the perfect gift for her. She’ll be able to magnify the world around her, explore primary colors and even see her backyard from a bug’s point of view!


Counting Shape Stacker

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This colorful toy will give girls hours of fun. They’ll enjoy sorting the shapes, counting the stacks and will be developing their fine motor skills as they go!


DUPLO Creative Builder

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These large LEGO DUPLO blocks are especially designed for preschool children. Girls will love creating their own building, towns and cities while improving their knowledge of shapes.


Counting Caterpillar

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This simple but fun puzzle is a brilliant way for girls to get extra confident with their counting. All they have to do is to put the caterpillar’s segments in the right order and voila! A colorful Counting Caterpillar is born!

Geometrix Blocks

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These brightly colored Geometrix wooden blocks will help girls to develop their creativity and other essential STEM skills. The only limit to what they can build is their imagination!


Chat and Count Smart Phone

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Now girls can be just like Mom and Dad by having their very own Smart Phone! The great thing is that this Chat and Count Smart Phone will help her to learn as she chats. She’ll be able to practice her counting, learn phone manners and it might even spark an early interest in technology!


Kid’s First Science Laboratory

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Inspire a future chemist with this Kid’s First Science Laboratory which has everything a 3 year old girl could possibly need to conduct her own science experiments. And who knows? It could be the first step of a long scientific career!



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Choose these Buildabouts and you’ll know that you’ll have got her the funnest gift she’ll receive this birthday! She’ll be able to build her own child-size building that she can then get inside and play with. Brilliant!


Amusement Park Engineer

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With this Amusement Park Engineer kit girls will be able to design their own rides, learn simple physics lessons and get a headstart in their STEM education! What more could you want to give?


Underwater Explorer Boat

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You never know, you could inspire a future marine biologist with this gift! Kids will love peering through the glass bottom of this Explorer Boat to get their first glimpse of the magical underwater world.


Start Up Circuits

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This fun toy teaches the basics of electrical circuits! GIrls will be able to switch and swap the blocks to create a whistle̒, spinner and light.


Shining.Stars Projector

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Inspire the 3 year old girl in your life to look up at the stars and learn more about space with this beautiful Shining Stars Projector.

Wow And Wonder Set

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The Wow and Wonder Set is a great introduction to science experiments. From making bubbles to mixing colors, it’ll keep girls entertained for hours.


LEGO Animal Bingo

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Do you know a 3 year old girl who loves animals? She’ll really enjoy playing with this LEGO Animal Bingo game! It’ll help her develop a ton of skills, from recognising exotic animals to matching shapes and improving her hand eye coordination.


Jumbo Magnifier Set

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Transform the 3 year old girl in your life into a mini-detective with this Jumbo Magnifier Set! She’ll love investigating the world around her with these easy to handle magnifying glasses.


Play-Doh Fun Tub

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This Play-Doh Fun Tub  has everything a 3 year old girl needs for hours of creative fun! If she doesn’t have any Play-Doh already, you’ve got to get her this.

My Pal Violet

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My Pal Violet is the perfect introduction to technology for any 3 year old girl. Just connect it to a smart phone and she’ll have a new, fully-customizable learning buddy!


Which of these 20 STEM birthday gift ideas is perfect for the 3 year old girl in your life? Whichever one you choose, you can feel great knowing that your birthday gift will really be helping her out with her education. If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.



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