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These ugly Christmas sweaters are hilarious! I NEED to own one right now.

20 Ugly Sweaters You Need Right Now

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Ugly sweaters are somewhat of a tradition that has been around for decades. Recently, ugly sweaters have been embraced as an important part of celebrating the holidays and it is easier than ever to show your holiday cheer. You can chose from traditional ugly sweaters with giant holiday figures on the front or some kind of pattern involving trees and reindeer or even something a little more inappropriate.

Just make sure everyone has an ugly sweater, so everyone can have some awkward holiday fun- naughty or nice.


The Nice List

These sweaters are only for friends and family on the nice list.

1. The Traditional Lightup Tree


target sm

This is the epitome of ugly holiday sweaters. Perfect to wear to that awkward holiday dinner. Turn on the lights to draw more attention to your awkward festiveness. Do you even have an ugly Christmas sweater if you donโ€™t have a light up tree sweater?

2. Oversized Cardigan

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This looks extremely comfortable. Get snuggly this winter.

3. Cardigan for your Man

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This cardigan really isnโ€™t that ugly and comes in a number of classic patterns and colors.

4. โ€œThis is my Ugly Sweaterโ€


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At least youโ€™re admitting that itโ€™s ugly.

5. Killer Patterned Pullover Sweater

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All of these patterns are so bad and I want all of them. Roll up to your holiday party with an elf sweater, or a sweater with presents, trees, and gingerbread men, or reindeer. At least one of these patterns has to be the perfect ugly either for you or someone else as a gift.

6. Cool Reindeer

cool reindeer

target sm

Santa has upgraded operations this year. Sunglasses are perfect to keep Rudolphโ€™s strong rays from blinding the others. The snowmobile has the possibility to speed things up, but Iโ€™m not sure the reindeer should be driving.

7. Moose Sweater

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Oversized moose sweater in bland colors? I think yes. Perfect the inner Alaskan.

8. Hanukah Sweater

pull over

target sm

Even Jewish people need ugly holiday sweaters. Ugly sweaters for everyone!

9. Holiday Pajama Collection for the Whole Family


target sm

Who doesnโ€™t love tacky pajamas? Especially when forced to match everyone else.

10. Happy Hanukah


target sm

Not a sweater, but still ugly.

11. Ugly Dog Sweater

Pet Ugly Sweater with Bow - White Target - Google Chrome

target sm

Even dogs should have an ugly sweater.

12. Elf


target sm

This feels wonderfully awkward.

13. Jumpsuit

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – Fair Isle Blue Adult Jumpsuit

Wonderfully ugly and wonderfully comfortable with a hood and pockets.

14. Darth Vader Christmas

Darth Vader

target sm

Get ready for the new Star Wars movie that comes out this season!

The Naughty List

Donโ€™t even try to pretend you donโ€™t want these.

15. Birthday Party

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Knowing what the reason for the season is and admitting youโ€™re going to party anyway.

16. Coconut Bras

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I guess this is how Hawaiians celebrate the holidays?

17. Chestnuts Roasting over an open fire

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These arenโ€™t the chestnuts we had in mindโ€ฆ

18. A Cute Reindeer couple

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Love is important to remember during the holidays. Even better, it comes in three different colors! Perfect for the squad.

19. Mistletoe

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Seriously, all we need is a little love.

20. Sweater Dress

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What is better than a sweater dress WITH three inappropriate reindeer?


Are you naughty or nice and what are you wearing this holiday season?


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