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20 Ways to Add More Words to Your Walls

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Maybe you feel like having a pick-me-up every now and then, or perhaps you just like to have cool scrolls with Japanese or Chinese characters on them. Either way you swing, wall decals can add some flair to your home while being inspirational or just lookin’ sweet.

Want some inspo in the morning? Add words to your walls with one of these great home decor pieces.


Ways to Add More Words to Your Walls

‘Nothing is Impossible’

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– A really neat inspirational decal. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m Possible”!

Home Kitchen Decor

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– This wall decor is adorable and will fit nicely on that empty wall space in your kitchen.

Vinyl Wall Art

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– As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, you probably won’t get that many with this one, but they’re still a great decoration!

Kitchen Rules

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– If you’re the type of person who always has to repeat the same thing over again, like ‘wash the dishes’, then this is perfect to save you both some time and a sticky note on the fridge!

Get Naked

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– A hilarious decor to put in your bathroom, perhaps around your bathtub or shower. You’ll probably hear a chuckle or three from anyone who sees it!

God Bless

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– If you’re a religious man (or woman), or know one, then this decal would be perfect for you, or as a gift!

Family Tree

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– Chances are you know at least some of your relatives, and lots of kids are asked to do family trees in their early schooling. Why not have a neat wall decor to really show off that tree?

Dog’s Life

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– A cute decal for any dog lover out there.

Welcome Home

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– A simple decal to greet your guests.

Workout Everyday

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– A simple but effective reminder if you’re struggling to workout. Your wall will remind you to with this decal, no worries!

Goodnight Kiss

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– Another helpful reminder to always kiss your significant other or child goodnight!

Personalized Gamer Decal

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– A sweet custom decal that’s made to look 3d. Really cool whether you’re a kid or an adult.

So Many Toys

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– A cute decal for a kid’s room, possibly near their toys.

Love You

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– Whether it’s your child or your significant other, this decal can add some sweetness to any room.

Please Excuse The Mess

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– Once again, a helpful reminder for any visitors during that wall-painting phase everybody loves.

Live Your Dreams

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– An inspirational quote by a man anybody would know, Walt Disney.

Fighting Spirit

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– A wall sticker of the Japanese kanji for ‘Fighting Spirit’. Get pumped up!

Peace, Love, Health

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– Another set of Japanese kanji, this time for love, health, and peace. They even come with subtitles, if you’d like others to know the meaning.

Time Changes All Things

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– Maybe you’re tired of normal quotes and everybody’s already jumped on the Japanese/Chinese character train. Well then, how about one that glows in the dark?

Calligraphy Scrolls

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– But maybe you’ve got some inspirational quotes of your own! Well, get to it with these!

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