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3 Best Man Gifts With a Personal Touch

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When putting together a wedding, your best man and groomsmen should be there to help you every step of the way. To reward them (and also give a final salute to the bachelor life), you can present them with gifts with a personal touch. However, if you are having difficulty deciding what to give your best man and groomsmen, here are 3 gifts with a personal touch to take into consideration:

3 Best Man Gifts With a Personal Touch

3 Best Man Gifts With a Personal Touch


1. Personalized flasks

The silver flask is still one of the most popular traditional gifts that you can give to your best man or groomsmen, although you can also opt for leather instead. Not only is the silver flask a classic, but it can still prove to be practical even today (although hopefully it will not actually be used during the wedding). Giving a silver flask to the men closest to you has a certain male-bonding quality to it that cannot be denied.

To make the flasks even more memorable, be sure to have them engraved. By engraving your wedding party’s initials onto their gifts, you will make it that much more personal and meaningful. It will also be handy for if you have multiple silver flasks to give out.

GM's Cufflinks

2. Personalized cufflinks

If you want to give unique gifts that will also complement the wedding, you can arrange to have personalized cufflinks made for your best man and groomsmen. Just like with the silver flasks, cufflinks are classics that cannot be overlooked. Stylish cufflinks are sure to make your best man and groomsmen look their best on your special day, although you just have to make sure that they match the suits.

You can additionally have cufflinks engraved with initials to make them even more unique. In fact, there are companies that will engrave cufflinks for free if you purchase from them.

3. Personalized cases

There are various different kinds of cases that you can have engraved for your best man and groomsmen. When choosing cases, it is nice to think about purchasing items that you would not purchase for yourself. For example, such cases that you can purchase may include: 

  • Grooming kits. Grooming kits can be used by men to make sure they have everything handy to look their best. You can often get them personalized by having initials engraved on a plate or stamped onto the bag itself.
  • Laptop cases. If the men in your life have laptops, you can choose to have laptop cases personalized. To get laptop cases personalized, you can often have initials embroidered or stamped.
  • Cigar cases. If you have particularly classy men in your wedding party, you can have cigar cases personalized. When personalizing, you may be able to have the initials engraved on a brass plate or even carved into the wood.

These 3 gifts with a personal touch are sure to please your best man and groomsmen. Just always remember that the gifts have to come from you, not your wife, to convey the most meaning.

Kate Conner works in a tuxedo shop. She spends a lot of time talking with grooms to be and loves writing about the tips she hears from them.


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