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4 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

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Kids these days know exactly what they want and that’s why it’s sometimes so hard to buy gifts for them. They’ve already seen that advert on TV or their friend playing with the coolest new toy so they definitely want to be in with the fad or popular at school. However, here are four unique gift ideas that won’t need too much convincing (if you get excited enough about them) and who knows, the kids might even learn a thing or two.

unique gift ideas for kids


1.      Personalised Storybooks

Get your little one into reading by gifting them a storybook where they’re the main character! Well, not really. But kids do have a very personal connection with their names at a young age and by hearing or seeing their name in a story, they will instantly feel more involved. You can find a great range of personalised story books online as well as other fun items such as lunchboxes, place mates and the all-important chore charts.

2.      Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Fish are great pets for kids who are perhaps a bit too young to understand furry mammals. AllPond Solutions have a great range of tanks all kinds of fittings, even in your coffee table. Ok, so this gift might actually be a secret plan to fulfill your interior design dreams, but still, your kids are bound to enjoy watching the little critters swim back and forth.

3.      Portable Puzzles

Kids love puzzles, but it’s always a hassle when the pieces start to go missing. Portable puzzles are neat and handy as they come with a magnetic board and metal playing surface where kids can arrange different colourful blocks into geometric shapes suggested by playing cards. The best thing is that you can easily pack it away and store it or take it with you on that long dreaded road trip.

4.      Planting Kits

Even if your child hasn’t got green fingers, they will certainly have dirty hands after planting their very first flower. Planting kits are an easy, simple and fun way to introduce your kids to growing their own garden and caring for nature. Just make sure you guide them with the instructions, there’s nothing more disappointing than waiting forever for a flower that will never bloom.

Kids might not be the most supportive when it comes to your ‘fun’ ideas but getting them involved in some interesting and educational activities won’t do any harm. And let’s face it; it’s better than having them glued to the TV or sat on the iPad all day.

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