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$500 Giveaway and Savings Tips!

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Wedding Gift Savings

One fantastic aspect of weddings is that you know they are coming for awhile in advance.  Yes, you can say the same thing about birthdays, anniversaries and major holidays, but in my experience, people tend to treat those gift giving occasions slightly differently.

Most people opt to have a wedding gift registry, laying out for you what gifts they would appreciate and what they believe they will use and be able to store in their home.  A great side effect of this is how it lets you plan, stalk and save.  I have written before about my price stalking behaviour for my brother’s wedding gift.  Here is one of my strategies for scoring a fantastic wedding gift for a cheap price:


First off, check the registry and come up with a short list of things that you would like to buy.  Pick an okay range of prices within your comfort zone, perhaps ranging $50 in value, more if you think you can score huge!  If you see something that you think the couple may have some flexibility regarding, make note.  You definitely do not want to substitute a substantially cheaper item, such as a $5 can opener when they have requested a $35 one.  Chances are very good that they already have a cheap can opener (or two) and are looking forward to having a much nicer one than they would ever buy for themselves.  A better example would be for a fondue pot.  Email or ask the couple if they would like that exact fondue pot, or if you are able to get the specific features they would like from a different model.  Sometimes they are fixated on the particular one, other times they may be open to different ones.


Right away, Google some of the items on your short list.  China is a good example of something that varies greatly in price, so you may be able to save a solid amount right off the bat by picking a different retailer.  Next, consider setting up a google alert that will tell you whenever there is a mention of the item you want to purchase.  Use terms like “sale” or “liquidation” in your alert.

Newsletters and Coupons

While it can be a little bit spammy to receive lots of retailer newsletters, they are also a way to save a ton of money.  Consider signing up for a few key stores, like Bed Bath and Beyond, to get those regular 20% off coupons.  To take a broader approach, try a coupon alert company like Rather Be Shopping, where you can customize the categories and/or companies from which you would like to receive saving information.  You know what you would like to buy, so you can pounce if a good deal comes across your inbox!

Online Savings

If you do find a great deal on a website for a wedding registry gift, make sure that you look for online coupons, especially free shipping coupons.  A two second search can often save you 10-25% on your purchase, it is really that easy!!

Offline Savings

Don’t forget about places like Winners and TJ Maxx.  Depending what it is you’re looking to purchase, you can stumble across some fantastic deals by perusing these stores.  A great example is their selection of Le Creuset pots. If the couple is slightly flexible on size or colour, you may be able to pick up a gift with a regular retail value of a hundred dollars more than you are able to spend!  Note: There are sometimes slight imperfections in the ones sold at Winners, mine has a half centimeter crescent where the colour on the lid is slightly lighter.  It took a lot of searching to find it, it’s that unnoticeable.

Then What?

Check back with the registry periodically, to make sure nothing you are tracking has been purchased since you started looking.  When you do buy something, call or email the wedding registry store and ask to have your purchased marked off.  Most people don’t need 3 toaster ovens, making this a very important step!

The Giveaway!

Rather Be Shopping has graciously offered up $500 to one of you lucky folks, all you have to do is enter the giveaway by clicking on the Rafflecopter below and following some of the steps.

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  1. These are great tips Anne. It is amazing how many avenues are available to consumers to score the best deal possible. Using the Google alert tool is something I had never heard before, what a great idea! I am going to set one up for a mountain bike my son has been wanting for his birthday and see how it works. Thanks for participating in this event and for such a great post.

    1. Thanks for organizing it, Kyle :-) I have not yet used the Google alerts thing because I didn't know they existed until moderately recently. I hope they help you get a great price on the bike :-) I love biking!

  2. great ideas as usual! about Le Creuset, they have a lifetime guarantee, do you know if buying items with defaults cancels that?

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