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500+ Stocking Stuffers for Adults, Teens and Seniors

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It’s the list that you’ve all been waiting for!  I am happy to unveil 100, that’s one hundred, additions to last year’s list of 400 stocking stuffers for adults, teens and seniors.  Yes, yes, I know, it’s only November.  Based on how many searches have been finding the list of 400 stocking stuffer ideas already, especially in October, some of the organized folks out there would like to get started on stockpiling stocking stuffer gifts.

500+-Stocking-stuffer-ideas (1)

A friend of mine already has her tree up and house decorated.  Yes, it’s a bit nuts.  She’s American and says that it’s okay because Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween are both over now, so she doesn’t need to wait until American Thanksgiving.  She is quite a fan of Christmas.

Just like last year, the ideas have been set up to help you find places to purchase them.  Most of the links go to Amazon*, but not all.

  1. Jewelry Cleaning Solution
  2. Silver Polishing Cloth
  3. Key Safe
  4. Comedic Soap Like: Potty Mouth Soap
  5. Slingshot – ..maybe not if you have kids or adult-size kids?gift 1
  6. Teeth Whitening Kit
  7. Over the counter medicine: Advil, Tylenol, Gravol, etc.  Good for seniors and students.
  8. Oatmeal Packets
  9. Spaghetti – bonus points for gluten free or organic whole wheat.
  10. Electronics Cords – ie HDMI, S-Video, USB, firewire, etcgift 2
  11. Specialty Cleaners – for enameled cast iron, pots, stovetop
  12. Label Maker Tape
  13. Condoms – Ya… I said it.
  14. BBQ Lighter
  15. Mints – Like Altoidsgift 3
  16. Coal – You can get all sorts of coal candy, or search pinterest for recipes!
  17. Tealights
  18. Plastic Bag Carrier
  19. Temporary Tattoos
  20. Shoelaces – They aren’t just for the ’90sgift 4
  21. Kitchen Tools – wooden spoons, silicone spatulas, whisks and the like
  22. Scrubbers – stove top, plastic, pot
  23. Cloths – nice dishcloths
  24. Patches – Think Canada flag for backpacks (or other countries!)
  25. Bumper Stickersgift 5
  26. Car Magnets – ie Support our Troops or Breast Cancer
  27. Highlighters
  28. Cheese Labels
  29. Coupons – You can make frugal people happy this way
  30. Maps – State/Province, Park, Bike Trailsgift 6
  31. Rubber Duckie โ€“ – or an evil one!
  32. Wind Chime
  33. Cranium clay replacement
  34. Metal Skewers
  35. Balloons – Bonus points for silly sayings!1a
  36. Party decorations – Especially for New Year’s
  37. Watch
  38. Watch Batteries
  39. Tank Top/Cami/Undershirt
  40. Fancy Beverages – Frappucinos, Gourmet Root Beer, Coconut WaterEtc.2a
  41. Bookplates – The fancy name for “this belongs to _____” labels
  42. Quill and Ink
  43. Seal – Not the ocean type, the monogram for letters type.
  44. Sealing Wax
  45. Yo yo3a
  46. Paper Yo yo
  47. Sewing Machine Feet
  48. Glasses Case or Sunglasses Case
  49. Decor Hooks
  50. Chalk – chalkboard paint is all the rage these days!4a
  51. Headphones or Earbuds
  52. Nail Gun Nails – Brads and finishing nails, not roofing ones!
  53. Fun Erasers or other Office Supplies
  54. Night Light – we still have halls to stumble in the dark, even if we’re not afraid of it!
  55. Hacky Sack – encourage exercise and throwbacks :-)5a
  56. Mani/Pedi Nail Spacers
  57. sugru – This stuff is fantastic!!  It’s sort of like silly putty, that hardens for fixing stuff.  Super amazing.
  58. Stethoscope Light – for anyone who works in a lab!
  59. BBQ Brush
  60. Dryer Brush6a
  61. Guitar Fret Stamp
  62. Tools – Wrench, Multi-Bit Screwdriver, Stud Finder, etc.
  63. Car Sticker Family
  64. Pool Cue Chalk
  65. Pizza Cutter7a
  66. Personal Business Cards – especially good for a soon-to-be graduate who is job hunting and networking
  67. Grocery Cart Coin Keychain – You know, the ones that will act as your coin, so you’re not hunting through your car. (Several stores donate the proceeds of to charity)
  68. Guerilla Tags – wearable ID tags for adventurers with name, two emergency contacts, and drug allergies.  Great idea for your adventurous friend or family member.
  69. Microfiber Towel – for campers or travelers
  70. Replacement Bike Handle Grips8a
  71. Bicycle Bar Ends
  72. Carbon Bike Water Bottle Holder – Can you tell I like biking?
  73. Nalgene Splashguard
  74. Hiking or Keychain First Aid Kit
  75. Bear Spray – This stuff is pricey and expires, make sure yours is up to date!9a
  76. After Bite
  77. UCO Mini Lantern
  78. Powerpoint Presentation Clicker
  79. Nail Art Brushes
  80. Ribbon – Nice ribbon for those who like wrapping.10a
  81. Corn on the Cob Holders
  82. Banana Travel Case
  83. Diamond Candle
  84. Gardening Gloves
  85. Ramekins11a
  86. Small Side Plates or bowls aka Tasting Party supplies
  87. A Belt
  88. Key Chain Rack
  89. Bud Vase
  90. A poem you wrote14a
  91. Trivet
  92. Espresso Spoons
  93. Laundry Stain Remover
  94. Candle Snuffer
  95. Animal Call15a
  96. Place Card Holders
  97. Bike Bell
  98. Shower Curtain
  99. Handheld Massager
  100. Collectibles/Action Figures16a

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400+ Stocking Stuffers for Adults Teens and Seniors

Do you have more ideas to add to the list?  I don’t think I’ll be able to come up with another one hundred for next year without a lot of help!

There are so many amazing gifts to choose from. You should see some of these other stocking stuffer ideas:



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