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7 Gift Ideas for Little Gardeners

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Little minds need nurturing for optimal growth.  Curiosities grow into lifelong hobbies and careers with a bit of help and guidance.  Kids who like to work with the earth become farmers, rural workers, and home gardeners.

If you know a little person who likes to work in the dirt, consider the following seven gift ideas to nurture their hobby and foster skills.

Mind Growth

Use the web to search forAussie-based magazines and gardening societies for kids.  Buy a year subscription or membership, supplying enough materials to keep them interested and aware all year.

Couple the subscription with a garden-themed journal so kids can keep regular notes and observations.  Alternatively, create a free blog at WordPress, and tell the little gardener you’re the editor; they’ll need to start ‘working’ right away, providing articles about what they learn each week.  Create an editorial calendar of topics they’ll need to ‘cover.’

Garden Tour

Find greenhouses, botanical gardens, and farms in the area and inquire about child-based activities or hosted party events.  Provide a garden party’s worth of gifts by inviting their garden friends along.

Create a Facebook page dedicated to the event, and start getting young gardeners and their parents talking and making suggestions.  Get more ideas from moms, dads, and little gardeners excited to come to the event.

Body Care

Working with dirt is hard work, warranting rest, relaxation, and a good scrubbing.  Buy kid-safe and earth-themed body washes, soaps, and shampoos.  

Creams keep hands moisturized and protect from body parts and face from prolonged sun exposure.

Soul Food

Give the gift ofaromatherapy.  After a day in the dirt, a young gardener needs to relax and get a good night’s sleep.  Aromatherapy utilises flowers, leaves, and stalks to stimulate nerves and affect the brain, memories, and emotions.  Oils produce feelings of well being, calmness, and stimulation.

To couple the scent, download music to produce a gardener’s mix tape.  Inquire about their favourite artists or choose ambientmusic suitable for working outdoors or falling asleep.  Use online tools like Pandora to identify related artists and groups by genre.

Flower Bed

Find garden and flower-print bedding and pyjama sets, so small gardeners are reminded of the outdoors even when inside and in bed.  To supplement the bedding and bed wear, find apropos stuffed animals or printed pillows to complete the ‘flower bed.’

Seat in the Seeds

Buy acomfortable chair suitable for the outdoors.  It keeps the dirt off a gardener’s knees while keeping tools handy in side pockets.  Water-resistant and rugged material makes it tough enough for the outdoors and little kids.

Complement the seat with a pair of gardener’s shoes.  Clogs are water-resistant and keep feet cool in the summer.  You get added points for style, so rather a plain colour, get them a pair featuring a garden-inspired graphic.

Pet Plant

Let young gardeners explore their hobby by tending to a ‘pet plant,’ rooted in a small, ceramic container.  Low maintenance plants require only a bit of sunshine, water, and ongoing love from the little gardener.

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