A Photo Hunt Date Night

A Photo Hunt Date Night

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This is one of those unique wedding gift ideas that can be adapted to super-cheap, affordable, or all-out pricey!  There is also lots of room to be very creative and personalize it to the couple.  Remember when giving this gift that not every couple will appreciate you deviating from the registry!

A Photo Hunt Date Night

This DIY gift idea works best if you are familiar with the local area of the couple, but it can be adjusted as needed if you are not uber knowledgeable.

First off, pick a theme, or a budget to start you off.

My example is going to be called “Places and Faces” and can be adjusted to incorporate a great many ideas.  For example, when I was in Rome with a few friends, we wanted pictures of all the regular stuff… but we didn’t want to have “another picture of the Coliseum,” so we took pictures making the alphabet with our bodies.  It was much easier having a few people to do it together.  B can be hard, okay?

I will assume that the couple has a camera of their own.  First, get a small photo album and consider getting a gift card they could use to print the photos.  Pick one of those albums where you just slip the photo into the plastic sleeve.  You can pick one up at a dollar store.  Next, make a list of places or things that are local.  Dream up a few key photos or ideas of things to do in the area.  Make a clue/hint/task and print it out.  Purchase any gift cards, groupons, tickets or cash that would go along with your tasks.  When making your clues, consider including a related quote, such as the Cat in the Hat clue below.  In the photo album, place a clue and your poems in each page, so that they can later be filled with pictures!

I will pick Vancouver as an example, because I am familiar enough with things there to make some suggestions!  If you can, you could make it very specific to a neighbourhood, such as Granville Island or Kitsilano.  Alternatively, you can spread it out over the city, possibly making it a multiple-date package.  To get items to include in here, pick up some deals on group purchase coupons.

This gift is a task,

to give you two memories to last.

Grab your camera and keys,

plus be prepared to say “cheese!”

Here is a list,

which may include places you’ve kissed.

Now that you’re married,

you can’t let the romance get buried. 

The challenge is this,

to maintain the wedding bliss,

Go to these places,

and take pretty pictures of your faces.

Then all the photos compile,

To give you a future smile.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a poet.  I realize there are forced rhymes in there and whatnot.)

Photo Date Night Fun on Granville Island

“Why, I’m The Cat in the Hat, there’s no doubt about that. I’m a super fundiferous feline, who’s here to make sure that you’re…”meline”…”key lime”…”turpentine”. I got nothing! I’m not so good with the rhyming, not really, no. Look, I’m a cat that can talk that should be enough for you people!” – The Cat in the Hat

In the UK, a wedding necessitates a hat!  Now that you’re past that, go take a pict or two with a stylish one on you!

Why do potatoes make good detectives?

Because they keep their eyes peeled.

What vegetable did Noah not take on the ark?


Keep your eyes peeled for a mystery food – find some things that you can’t recognize. 

Use this $10 to treat yourselves; adventure forth with your newfound mystery food, and snap a picture of course! 

Feel like a honeymoon cruise?  Find a rainbow of colours – stroll down to the ferry and take a picture full of colours.

Now that you’re wed, it’s time to stay fed!

A snack, not for dinner, grab some ice cream,

I hear the Milkman makes some that is mean.


Did you ever listen to your spouse croon?

Was it enough to make you swoon?

Find a performer that’s neat,

You’ve got a treat that’s sweet,

Pull up and have a sit,

then take another pict,

bonus points if you look like a loon.


Now that you’ve had time to play, you’re ready to join the Club! 

Head on over to the theatre wicket, with these included tickets! 

Slip the stubs back in when you’re done,

a memento of something fun. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this date for two,

Remember to continue to try all things new.

Put together the photos of your chin,

To give you a future grin.

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