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Almond Fish and New Blogs

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Drum roll please!!!!!

*brrrrrrrrrr* Β (<- You had best be doing this on your desk or making a noise right now!)


I have ventured into the land of Personal Finance blogs! (Aka PF blogs, aka the blogs that I read all the time!)

Introducing: Money Propeller! Β Monday was the “official launch,” and I have been thrilled that people have stopped by and commented.


Money Propeller Header

Please take a look when you have a moment, and let me know what you think! It is a work in progress and suggestions are welcome. You can also follow me on twitter! My username is @moneypropeller

Other Stuff

I made this recipe for dinner one night this week, Almond and Lemon Crusted Fish with Spinach, from It’s really quite simple and it’s delicious. I like that it doesn’t do things like call for lemon zest, but not use the juice of the lemon in the recipe, or vice versa. Β I actually ended up making it twice, as I’m organizing a meal train for a family who just had a new baby, and this works for their allergies and intolerances, while being pretty darn good!

Thanks to Dani for sharing this fascinating article on Facebook – How A Password Changed One Man’s Life For the Better. Β It’s a very simple concept and it makes so, so much sense! I might have to go change some of my passwords to be more motivating!

I found this post on Common Cooking Mistakes on Pinterest (where you should follow me!) and nearly gave up reading after the first couple suggestions were stupid. (Example: Don’t mix up salt and sugar.) I’m glad I kept skimming it though, as the suggestions toward the bottom can be quite good, like using two temperature zones on your BBQ to ensure chicken breasts cook evenly.

Thanks to Kathleen at, I discovered a new slider plugin called TheiaΒ Post Slider, which is way, way better than what I was using before. It costs $20 and is quite slick. Best of all? It worked right away, zero support tickets and zero unresolved support tickets! It isn’t the most intuitive interface, but Kathleen made an easy How to Use Theia Post Slider post. Β I followed it, to update my post of 10 Expensive Wedding Gifts, and it runs a lot more smoothly and is a much better user experience, now.

How about you? How did your week go? Do you have intentions for any new blogs?


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