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Fitness Gift Ideas | Gift Ideas for a personal Trainer | Thank you gifts for my trainer | What to buy my gym friends | Christmas presents for the gym buddies in my life | Fitness Coach Gifts | Beachbody Coach Ideas

If you have a good one, you know that your Personal Trainer is your biggest cheerleader. Sure, they push you hard, often harder than you’d like, but they do it for your own good. As a Trainer myself, I sometimes ask my clients to do things they’d rather not do. But I know that later …

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Doulas | What to get a Doula as a thank you gift | Gifts for my midwife | Ways to show my doula I appreciate her | Pregnancy gift ideas | Medical support staff gifts | Water birth ideas | Tips for doulas | Birth coach presents

If you’ve ever given birth – and I suspect you have done so recently or are preparing for it – you’ll know what hard work it can be to support a labouring Mom. Yes, you, the Mother, do 99% of the work, but the other 1% credit goes to those who support you as you …

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Welcomed Thank You Gift Ideas for Hockey Coaches | Hockey Coach Thank Yous | Presents for Coaches | Ways to Show Appreciation | End of Season Celebration | Awards Banquet

It’s been another great year of hockey and even if your kids didn’t win as many games as you had hoped, you still owe the coach a big Thank You. Day in and day out, they show up. From weekend tournaments and evening practices to wiping away tears and giving the umpteenth pep talk, your …

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DIY Advent Calendar | Advent Calendar Ideas | Things to Put in Advent Calendars | Creative Advent Ideas | Christmas Calendars

Like the Christmasy spirited person you are, or at least try to be, you can think of no better way to actively anticipate the arrival of Christmas Day than with an advent calendar. I personally can’t stand the cheap chocolate advent calendars. Waxy brown squares bring no pleasure to this chocolate lover. And I realize …

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