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Jason Rebel

Here are some unique and memorable gifts for the newlyweds in my life! They aren't going to forget these ideas, they are so creative! Wedding presents = solved.

  As many of you already know, purchasing wedding gifts can become a mundane and tedious task.  Whether you choose a crystal serving tray straight from the wedding registry or opt to write a check for the soon-to-be bride and groom, these gifts are hardly unique or awe-inspiring. It’s no surprise that a trend amongst …

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These are adorable and fun ideas for 50th birthdays. Not everyone wants to celebrate with "over the hill" gag gifts, these are unique and real gift ideas to get your friends and family when they hit the big milestone of half a century! Absolutely worth repinning.

  Birthdays are unique events, and should be marked accordingly with a unique gift. After all, you’re only ever going to get one 50th birthday in your life – and so it follows that you should only receive one gift – and that it should be special, and unique to you. For those shopping for …

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“Breaking up is hard to do”, as the song says, and it’s true. We’re all familiar with the situation of breaking up and getting back to the “single’s market” and it is never easy. However, sometimes a breakup reminds you to love yourself. It is so easy to drown yourself in self-pity, but you mustn’t …

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