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Babies and Whatnot

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Last week I got to meet one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, seriously, that little (2.5 week!) man is adorable.  He was rocking a red plaid onesie at the curling rink, so he knows right away that he’s a Canadian fellow.  You all know that I am a huge fan of taking food as a gift, heck, that was the topic on Monday!  So, I have signed up to take his Mommy food this coming Monday.  I am thinking cauliflower “mashed potatoes,” grilled veggies like asparagus and cod in a cream sauce (aka I saw this recipe on Pinterest).  There were a lot of tomato-saucy things, chicken and curry on the list already, so I said I would take something fish or shrimp based.  As an aside, I have mad respect for this lady.  She is around forty and hadn’t met Mister Right, but really wanted children, so decided to go it alone!  I am beyond impressed with her decision.

Babies and Stuff

Last Friday the spouse and I decided to use a gift certificate we received for the fanciest restaurant in town.  It was quite lovely, if not a night full of us eating things that we aren’t supposed to eat.  (We had creme brulee…. I’ve got a dairy intolerance, so does my spouse, and my spouse has a very bad intolerance of eggs.)  It was FREEZING out, which is unfortunate because there was supposed to be an outdoor concert in town.  I found out on Saturday that they had moved it indoors at the last minute.  Instead, we ended up going to the bar and not getting home until 2am.  Needless to say, Saturday wasn’t the most productive day.  For dinner I had seared scallops with smoked pork cheek, green beans and creamy polenta.  I am now on a mission to figure out how to recreate the polenta!  If anyone has an amazing recipe, please share it.

There are babies everywhere in this town, and this past week my friend was due on Tuesday.  She has been keen to have a family for quite awhile, so I am thrilled for her.  I saw her husband on Sunday and he still seemed a bit hesitant about this whole pooping screaming little thing idea, but I am sure he’s over the moon by now!

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, yay!  I will be at a day-long event, with workshops, wine tastings, guest speakers and music!  I may even have a new lady in town with me, she is a refugee a community group sponsored, who arrived on Tuesday.  I told her host that I would take her, but only if she’s not feeling overwhelmed.  This just in, small town BC is a LOT different from a refugee camp in northern Africa, especially when it’s March and we’ve faced a massive cold snap lately.

I will, yet again, be missing the chance to put together the exam care packages for post-secondary students from my church.  Last year I bought cans of play-doh and popcorn packages.  This year I found… drumroll… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bubbles.  Yes. So awesome. I almost wish I took the spare one (they were in packs of four) out and kept it for myself.  I also got popcorn again, and some red pens that were on sale.  The cashier said, “It looks like you’re making gift bags for a kids birthday.”  She looked really confused when I said they were for exam care packages for university students.

Oh!  I almost forgot about another baby!  Friends are adopting a special needs child from overseas and today their case goes before the court for the second-last step before they can bring her home to Canada!  (After that all they will need is her Canadian passport issued.)

Wow, that got long.  How was your week?

[Photo – Creative Commons Attribution – Rubenstein]

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