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Baby Shower Gift Idea: Smarts and Safety

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My friends all seem to be in their fertile years and there also seems to be something in the water where I live!  For that reason, I like to keep a stash of baby gifts on hand, so that I’m ready with a gift for the next baby shower.  Lately, my stash has consisted of soothers in a variety of age ranges, previously I had some clothes and a whole bunch of bibs in different sizes.  There are some things which are fantastic to receive as a baby shower gift, but short lived in life.  For example, baby clothes.  Especially when they are little, some kids can outgrow clothes after a single wear!  It’s a good thing that they are tiny!  I know that creating baby registries has started to gain in popularity, but for the most part they are offered by large retailers and I live in a small town, sans those retailers.  Basically, I use that as an excuse to go totally off script and buy what I want.  Ahem.

Baby Shower Gift Idea Smarts and Safety

Now that I’ve said that, I do try to stick to things that the new parents will find useful.  I think it is important to look for a balance between things that they will have to store for quite awhile before they are used and things that the child will grow through too quickly.  You also have to keep in mind what the parents will already own, if they have kids already.  Lately, I have been trying to buy the following two items:


Okay, that’s a bit of a misnomer, you can’t truly buy smarts.  However, you CAN buy books.  And, there’s no such thing as too many books!  Here’s where I have a confession to make: little kids books don’t have those handy circles in the corner saying “12-18 Months” and such.  I found it rather frustrating, haha.  I ran into another friend while I was at the store, the one who happened to be organizing that particular shower, and she said her niece likes to flip through the cardboard style ones and look at the pictures, so the word count really doesn’t matter.  There are also fabric books for very little kids, however all of the ones I saw were nearly $20 each.  You can buy a lot of other books for $20, so I passed on those ones!  Plus, the cardboard ones can last them until they’re about 5 years old, learning to read themselves.

I still haven’t done it, but one day, I am going to order a whole bunch of the book Go the F**k to Sleep, because.. just yes.  Amazon informs me there’s a new, tamer version called Seriously, Just Go to Sleep, but that’s not nearly as much fun.


Oh, how fun, baby safety!  The new parents are probably freaking out about buying a million dollar car seat and making sure that it’s actually installed in their vehicles properly, because we all know that they’re totally useless and your baby will die if it is ever so slightly incorrectly installed and everyone installs them incorrectly.  At least, that’s the message that I’ve heard loud and clear and I’m not even in the market for a car seat.  So, scratch the idea of buying one of those unless the parents have the exact model and colour listed on their registry.  However, especially if this is their first child, they’re going to find that all of a sudden one day the oh-so-cute-they-can-crawl-now baby has discovered a dangerous land of destruction and holes to into which their tiny baby fingers fit very nicely.  Make their life easier by giving a baby shower gift of baby lockdown supplies.  They’re still going to have to figure out how to relocate their floor level Scotch collection on their own (just my house?), but you can give them a selection of plug covers and drawer and cupboard clips.  These things are actually really not very expensive, just yet another thing on the needs list.  There’s a whole variety of styles out there, but even the very good ones are still only a few dollars.  You can pick up a 36 pack of the simple ones that I grew up with for under $3 and most grocery stores have them. There’s also full box covers for outlets which have cords in them, like this:


Safety and Smarts – things that all babies will need, they will last a long time and they won’t break the bank!

What is your go-to baby shower gift?
[Photo – Creative Commons Attribution – Leonid Mamchenkov]

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