Baking Mixes in Mason Jars as Holiday Gifts - Unique Gifter
Baking Mixes in Mason Jars as Holiday Gifts

Baking Mixes in Mason Jars as Holiday Gifts

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Baking Mixes in Mason Jars as Holiday Gifts

Do you ever find yourself invited to the home of someone who doesn’t drink wine? *gasp* Believe it or not, such people exist.  (editor’s note: I only drink a bottle per year, mostly on Valentine’s Day when I make my annual chicken marsala) Heading into the holidays there are so many different social occasions that might necessitate a little bit of gift giving.  Not to sound too cheap, but my default of wine can get rather pricey if I am giving it out to neighbours, committee volunteers, building supervisors and the like.  Up here in Canada, there’s no Trader Joe’s two buck chuck to be found.  Most of the wine that I drink is in the $10-15 range.  Half a dozen gifts at $15 a pop is $90 gone, just like that.

Obviously, if I am going to a dinner party and will be consuming wine myself, I will still take some, but for the other occasions, and to mix it up a little bit, I also like to make host and hostess gifts.

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