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Best Chinese New Year’s Gifts

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December is here and it will not be long before the new year arrives. It’s never too early to prepare for gift giving for any friends, loved ones, or family members. Chinese New Year is no exception, which is coming next year on February 12th 2021. Even though many of us are holed up at home, we can still plan and arrange for gifts by mail. There are a variety of items, products, and goods that you can gift to your friends and family today for the upcoming Chinese New Year on places like Amazon and Etsy.

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Whether this is the ever-favorite red envelopes filled with crisp dollar bills for children or season-appropriate clothing to keep us warm for this time of year. Here are some suggestions of what you can give to your friends and loved ones as gifts for this upcoming Chinese New Year.


Best Chinese New Year’s Gifts for Children

Red Envelopes

Giving red envelopes containing money is a staple for Chinese New Year among children. The gift of these envelopes is not the envelopes itself but what is inside. Show to your children or children of a relative or friend that you wish them good luck by packaging a small amount of money in a red pouch. 

Red envelope traditional Chinese New Year's gift for giving money idea 

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Red pouches can be ordered online in places like Amazon or Etsy. In traditional Chinese culture, red is a sign of good luck for the recipient. These packages can be delivered by hand or by the mail.

School Supplies

During the downtime of winter break or downtime in general, it is always good to restock on school supplies. Whether it’s pencils, notebooks, binders, or pens, children would struggle to learn and get their ideas across without these things. You can show that you care about the educational success of the children of your friends or relatives by sending some school supplies as a gift or series of gifts. 

Best Chinese New Year’s Gifts

Winter Clothing

Clothes are a common gift given on Chinese New Year — one that is nice for all ages. Whether that is hats, gloves, jackets, or scarves, never forget to go outside with enough layers on in the wintertime.

During the winter, it’s important right now to bundle up and stay warm! On the web, you can find articles of winter clothing of all types of material, color, and size to fit everyone’s needs at this time. 


It can get cold and snowy outside and head protection is a must when going outside this season. Make sure to pack a hat on your way out! A nice beanie can stave off the cold and keep your head warm at a time when you need it the most. You can find a wide variety of beanies of all colors and sizes online. 

For Children

Best Chinese New Years Gift Ideas warm kids winter clothes 

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Warm hats for Chinese new year present gift ideas for kids 

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For Adults


Scarves, whether they are the long cashmere wool scarves or the small turtleneck, are always an important addition to one’s winter wardrobe. Even when you are covered up on several layers, the neck can be an opening for cold air to get in and covering it with something warm is always a good idea at this time of year. Scarves can be used as both a neck covering or as a face cover when needed. Your friends and family members will be very happy that you sent them a new scarf this winter for this upcoming New Year.

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Best Chinese New Year's Gifts winter gear for kids gifts ideas 

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Jackets are by far the most important part of anyone’s winter wardrobe and one you cannot forget if you want to stave off the cold winds, snow, or rain. A thick jacket like a parka is a winter time mainstay as it provides light, warm, and comfortable clothing for this season. There are many large, comfortable, and warm waterproof jackets that are available online that can be used to make a nice last minute gift for any friends or family members.

Winter jacket new year's gift  

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Boys jacket new years gift idea for kids  

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Winter clothing warm insulated boys jacket gift ideas for kids 

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Gloves are a must-have for snowball fights and cleaning out car windshields. Gloves are an essential part of anyone’s winter wardrobe — yet they are also all too easy to misplace. Therefore, gifting one of your friends, family members, or children with a new pair of winter gloves is a safe bet when picking a gift for this Chinese New Year.

Pair of gloves to gift for Chinese New Year 

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Winter gloves for skiing and sledding  

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fluffy cozy soft warm winter mittens women's gloves 

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It’s important to keep your feet warm and dry this season and a nice pair of wool socks could do the trick. Not only does everyone always need another pair of socks, the extra warmth added can give you that cozy, “at home” feel. You can find socks for winter or all seasons online either as a pack or individual pairs. They are sold in a variety of colors and sizes for people of all ages.

Pack of socks as a clothing themed gift for New Years  

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Adorable cat socks warm and cozy Chinese New Year Gifts  

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Tea and Tea Sets

Tea is a staple drink within Chinese culture and a hot cup of tea is always a welcome treat during the winter. Tea, besides being a nice hot drink, offers a variety of health benefits including boosts to immune health, energy, and general wellness. However, tea — a hot beverage — is best had with some kind of ceramic or porcelain cup so your hands don’t get hot. Show your friends, relatives, and loved ones that you care about their health and well being by offering them a new set of tea and an accompanying tea set. 

Tea variety tasting sampler set for tea lovers on Chinese New Years 

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Chinese style gong fu tea set for brewing oolong and green whole leaf tea gift

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Although many of us are stuck at home at this time of year, you can still plan to send gifts for Chinese New Year. Hopefully, this short list of ideas can give you the inspiration you need and some examples of the kind of products that you can send to someone over the mail at this time.

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