Best Wedding Gift Interview: LDFR
The Best Wedding Gift Interview

Best Wedding Gift Interview: LDFR

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The Best Wedding Gift Interview

[Photo – CC Attribution – Robert Couse-Baker]

Hi Folks – I am very excited to announce the first in what I hope will be a long lasting series of interview-style guest blog posts.  Many thanks to K.K. of Living Debt Free Rocks for being the first brave soul!  She has very recently had a wedding, so her answers are hot off the press!  I would absolutely love more participants, please Contact Me if you would like to participate!

In no particular order, I present you with the following!  Do you have suggestions for other questions that you would like to see?  Let me know in the comments!

What was your favourite wedding gift?

We received a $300 gift certificate to Macy’s.  A couple of friends came together to give this generous gift to us.

What gift have you received that was the most sentimental?

I would have to say the gift that my mother-in-law gave.  It is a huge snowglobe that has our names and wedding date engraved.  You can also put our wedding photo inside of it so with the glass the photo is magnified in size.  It’s absolutely beautiful and a truly thoughtful gift.


What cost-savings tip(s) do you have for folks buying gifts or attending gift-giving events?   

When possible, it’s a great idea if you have friends attending the same event to pool money together to provide a gift(s) that the person can really benefit from. 


How does your financial situation influence your thoughts about gift-giving?

If we were to be in a difficult financial predicament we would definitely re-evaluate whether we’d be able to give as much.  Perhaps we would even decide to skip attending an event in order to ensure that our financial priorities are maintained. 


What is the best/most romantic/most appreciated gift you’ve ever received from your spouse?

I would have to say for my birthday this year!  My husband brought me to Rockefeller Center in NYC and bought tickets for the walking historical tour.  He then brought me to the Top of the Rock and proposed to me!  (Anne: Awe!!)

Tell us a little bit about you!

I am the author of the blog Living Debt Free Rocks!  I started it to encourage those who want to get out debt and to share how my life has been since I began paying off debt, how it is now, and how it will be once I’m debt free – which will be in Dec 2012!  I recently became married to an awesome man who has a beautiful 5 yr old son.  I’m proud to be his step-mom!  We are both self-employed, enjoy our careers and are very family oriented.

(Update:  K.K. can now be found blogging at More Than Just Money, and on twitter as @morethanjusmony)

Thanks so much for sharing, K.K.  What question suggestions do you have, readers?

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    1. K.K. @ Living Debt F

      It truly got me to shed a tear and I'm normally pretty stoic. Thanks Jordann!

  1. WHat a cute proposal. I like giving cash for weddings, because people are generally already living together and it is hard to find something thoughtful. I never really know how much to give though. For a close friend, I paid for her first night with her husband, they had booked a beautiful B&B after the wedding.

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