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Bye Bye July

Bye Bye July

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Wow – July has come and gone and we are full steam into summer.  I think you could get steam off of my parking lot some days, actually.  Yes, that is an arbitrary robo dog photograph.

This month I had some major blog issues, but we are back and mostly working, whew!  A shout out to Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media for rescuing me.

A lot of lovely folks let me post on their sites this month.

You can read a rather in depth interview I did all about myself for Kathleen at Frugal Portland.  She has been doing a series and it is quite fun learning more about some of the bloggers out there!

Have you ever wondered what I eat?  No?  Hmmm.  Darn.  Well, if you want to read a gigantic list of awesome salad ideas anyway, pop over to Kara Cooks where I posted on the topic.

When your friends get engaged, do you know what to say to them, beyond a perfunctory “Congratulations!”?  Fear not, Lauren from FinancialBestLife let me write a post on exactly that.  Guess what – Lauren is newly engaged herself!


I read a fantastic article called the Gratitude Effect, about how making an effort to send thank you notes and celebrate the successes of your friends leads to more gratitude from your friends.  It has excellent, easy ideas on how to go about adding more gratitude into your life.  I love Random Acts of Kindness, and have started a few of my own, in hopes that they grow.

Do you wish that you could read more books?  I am one of those people, for sure.  Leslie wrote a great post on How to Make Reading a Habit, it’s so simple, yet so many of us don’t do it.

Along those lines, I have been extremely impressed with the pitching in, assistance and caring displayed by folks and businesses in Calgary, High River and other flooded areas in Western Canada.  I am also in love with the mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi.  He’s amazing.

I got to the party a little bit too late, but there is lots of quality content on the Manly Wedding Blog.  Pop over there for some chuckles, even on the topic of gifts.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!  On to August…


[Photo – Creative Commons Attribution – meddygarnet]

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