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20 Gifts for a Mixologist

Any mixologist will tell you crafting the perfect cocktail is an art form. If you have an at-home bartender on your holiday shopping list, they’ll be sure to love one of these 20 gifts. You’ll find handy products below that’ll help them make drinks, decorate them, or just give them a laugh. 1. The Curious …

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Woohoo! We've made it through the first year of marriage as newlyweds. It's time for anniversary presents. I love the idea of following the traditional anniversary gifts list. The modern 1st anniversary gift is a clock. This post has so many great ideas, definitely visit to check them out!

Looking for a fun way to incorporate traditional anniversary gifts into your relationship, without them seeming stodgy and old fashioned? We’ve got you covered! There are three systems for gift ideas, the Britsh traditional anniversary gift list, the US traditional anniversary gift list and the Modern anniversary gift list which was created by librarians at the …

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20 New Gadgets for Campers and Hikers

If you love Mother Nature, camping or hiking are activities you hold dear. We are going to compile a list of gadgets that will make your experience breathtaking. In fact, getting a camping list of new devices can almost be as exciting as camping itself. With these gadgets, you will enjoy the outdoors while maintaining …

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20 Gift Ideas for Your Snowbird Grandparents

Snowbird grandparents head south for the winter. Most of them head for Florida, which is where you’ll find thousands of retirees with summer homes. When the holiday season comes around, you have to buy things for the summer not the winter. Christmas may be all about snow for most of us, but not for Floridians! …

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20 Train Themed Gifts that are Mostly for Adults

  We all wanted to become train drivers when we were young. But we ended up dressed in suits working for people we would happily run over with our cars. How about instead we go back to our childhoods. Here are 20 train themed gifts that are (mostly) for adults. Sheldon Cooper would approve. 1.Train …

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