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Congratulation Gifts for Passing the Bar | Law School Graduation Gift Ideas | Celebrate being called to the bar | New Lawyer Gift Ideas | Presents for Passing the Bar

Passing the Bar is a very big achievement and should be celebrated. It’s the culmination of years worth of hard work and the start of a new chapter in life. Help the new lawyer in your life celebrate with a gift that recognizes all the effort they put in, from undergraduate work to graduation from …

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Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas | What to get for last day of Kindergarten | Kindergarten Graduation Presents | Graduation Gifts for Kindergarten

Kindergarten graduation is a sweet and momentous occasion for the kids, as well as for you as the teacher. However, it can be costly to buy gifts for graduation for everyone in your class. Check out some cute ideas that aren’t too costly below. Ring Pops for Class Rings, 40 Count Buy Now Class rings …

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PhD Graduation Gift Ideas | Doctoral Graduate Gifts | What to buy my wife for her PhD Graduation | What to get my husband for his PhD graduation | How to celebrate finishing a post-graduate degree | College Graduate | University Graduation

PhD students – how long have they been at school?  Too long to count.  During those final formative years, PhD students basically live and breathe their dissertation.  It’s a long slog and when they’re finally done – they deserve a celebration! Gift Ideas for a PhD Graduation PHinally Done Mug The huge relief someone feels …

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Celebrate a Veterinary Graduation | DVM | Veterinary Graduate | Congratulations

Surviving veterinary school is an accomplishment of a lifetime. Graduating veterinarians have so many things to look forward to – vomit, anal glands, angry clients, ‘Doctor Google’, late night emergencies, and the list goes on. Start them out right with the following fun gift ideas. Funny Mug Little does the graduating veterinarian know that “please …

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20 Train Themed Gifts that are Mostly for Adults

  We all wanted to become train drivers when we were young. But we ended up dressed in suits working for people we would happily run over with our cars. How about instead we go back to our childhoods. Here are 20 train themed gifts that are (mostly) for adults. Sheldon Cooper would approve. 1.Train …

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