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Photographers, whether professional or hobbyists, express themselves through their photos. They use color, line, shape, contrast, depth of field, and composition to show what they find beautiful. Photography is an expensive love to find, but the joy and challenge it brings is worth it. While a photographer knows what things they need, others may not …

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Tips for Shopping for Gifts

Like clockwork, gift giving occasions pop up all year round. From the Christmas season to birthdays, graduations, and weddings – there’s always a reason to give friends and family something they’ll enjoy. As they pile up, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect thing for your loved ones. Online shopping is the best …

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What to Send Instead of Flowers

There are numerous occasions in life where we’ve been taught that sending flowers is the right thing to do. After receiving those flowers, where do they go? What happens to them? What about those times where you would have appreciated ANYTHING but flowers? Here are some ideas to get you started on what you might …

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10 Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are an occasion where the floodgates seem to be unleashed in terms of gift giving. Maybe your only child is getting married and you want to bless them with an expensive wedding gift. Perhaps your children have refused any monetary help with the wedding, but you had already put aside savings and still want …

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