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A Wedding Gift full of Zest

  Wedding gift registries usually have a great many little things, like lemon zesters, garlic presses and even avocado slicers and spice racks.  One of the reasons that towel cakes and wedding shower cakes have become so popular is that they are a fun way to make a unique and creative wedding gift.  If you would …

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The Importance of Gift Wrapping

  My friend Sarita writes about gifting, at her blog I Love Gifting.  Recently, she wrote a piece titled 5 Ways to Return Proof your Gift, and the last point really hit home with me.  It is something that I am not very good at, even though I love to pin many images of gorgeous …

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Those that follow me on twitter may have seen that someone in my community died in an accident on Sunday. This prompted me to ask for ideas for a meal train, which was met with a lot of “What is a meal train?” questions. A meal train is just a more formalized way of taking …

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Bridal Shower Gift Basket - Cleaning Supplies

  If you have been around Unique Gifter for awhile, you may remember this guest post on a Bridal Shower Gift Basket from quite awhile ago.  It includes some great sayings to go with a cleaning supplies gift basket, that make use of product names.  You may be thinking, “who on earth wants to get …

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Wedding Gift Don't Forget to Bring a Towel

  Towels Nice, fluffy, soft, voluminous towels are a very frequent item on a wedding gift registry.  However, like many wedding gifts, you might think that they are a bit too boring.  Awhile back, I wrote about making a Spa Gift Basket as a gift idea that works for towels.  This is a completely different …

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