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Christmas Stocking Fillers for Travellers

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Travellers

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What do you get someone passionate about travelling for Christmas? In an ideal world youโ€™d be able to hand over a round the world plane ticket and a handful of cash for spending money, but on the off-chance you canโ€™t quite afford that why not consider one of these helpful stocking fillers?

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Travellers

Easy sleep travel set

Thereโ€™s nothing better than laying your head on a pillow after a long dayโ€™s travelling, but sometimes youโ€™ll need to get some rest while travelling. Of course, getting comfortable, blocking out the noise of that screaming baby, and dealing with those bright lights can make that all but impossible. A travel set containing ear plugs, an eye mask and an inflatable neck cushion might not be the most glamorous stocking filler, but itโ€™s guaranteed to be one of the most useful.

Travel journal

Many people choose to blog about their travels, but unless you feel comfortable sharing all of your thoughts with complete strangers youโ€™ll probably have to leave out your best on-tour stories. Furthermore, having to travel with a laptop or tablet isnโ€™t always practical and you might not have access to the internet. A travel journal is a cheap and easy way to keep a record of your adventures.


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Smartphone battery pack

Itโ€™s likely that on your travels youโ€™ll use your phone more often than usual, taking more photos, listening to more music, and relying on maps. On your travels youโ€™ll also have less opportunities to charge your phone. A good battery pack will allow you to take snaps at sunrise and sunset without heavily rationing your phone use, meaning good memories wonโ€™t be at the mercy of your battery percentage.

Waterproof smartphone case

Even if you donโ€™t intend to go deep sea diving with your phone, travelling always throws up extra water hazards. A waterproof phone case allows you to relax at the pool, beach, or even on an excursion to Niagra Falls without worrying about water damage making your phone useless.

Google Play / iTunes gift card

Smartphone apps can help make communicating easier with translation tools, make airport transfers that much more bearable with games, or make documenting your travels a cinch with electronic journals. Many apps are free, but some of the best will cost you, making gift cards a versatile stocking filler that can make any journey more enjoyable.


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Few things are more precious to someone travelling than earphones so why not spoil someone and give them the gift of excellent sound quality with a high quality pair of earphones? On the other hand even a cheap pair makes a nice gift as a replacement set, as earphones are commonly lost or even tangled beyond recognition on holidays.

Spotify subscription

You know what would go really well with those earphones? The hundreds of thousands of tracks you can find in the Spotify library. Of course, you need an internet connection to stream songs, but with a subscription to Spotify Premium you can download music to listen to while offline โ€“ perfect for Airplane Mode or when youโ€™re somewhere remote.

Travel clothes-steamer

While some people donโ€™t mind forgoing a few of lifeโ€™s luxuries on their travels others have to always look and feel their best. A travel steamer will mean that even if you donโ€™t have access to an iron you can make sure your clothes are perfectly smooth, free or wrinkles and creases – probably not ideal for several months back-packing around Southeast Asia, but possibly a lifesaver for a long weekend in Paris.


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Written by Harry Peters who is a travel writer for Just The Flight who offer flights to destinations worldwide. Visit them at


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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I also have one of those tiny ones that fits on a keychain, they're surprisingly handy!

  1. I'm a recent Spotify convert and it is a GREAT idea for travellers! For like $10 a month you can download all the music you want and listen to it offline. Awesome!

    As a traveler, I'm currently lusting over a new carry-on bag (not carry-on suitcase, just something that will hold my laptop, purse, etc.), as well as a cashmere travel wrap. A girl can dream…
    My recent post Starting to Save for Retirement

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