Creating Family Traditions - Puzzles
What a fantastic idea! I am definitely going to start this new family tradition this Christmas!

Creating Family Traditions – Puzzles

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A family doesn’t require extended family, or out of town relatives or even kids, in order to be a family. Two people can constitute a family, young couples can constitute a family. Starting traditions that you can talk about later, build upon and look forward to, is actually really quite simple.

Here is one easy family tradition to start, doing puzzles.

How to Create a Family Tradition Using Puzzles

You can do puzzles on Sunday nights, on Christmas Eve, on Christmas Day, on Thanksgiving weekend, on New Year’s Day, or really whenever you’d like.

The great thing about these occasions is that half of them include gift giving, anyway. You can quite easily make it a tradition for someone to start being the β€œgift giver” of a puzzle.

Each year, you could do a puzzle that fit along a theme. If you have several people in the family and know that the puzzles will be completed, you could pick a theme, say β€œcastle puzzles” and give everyone a different castle puzzle.

If you have giving individual puzzles, you could set everyone to race against each other, having selected appropriate age and difficulty puzzles.

If you have a large group of people around one year, you could try picking a harder, larger puzzle than you normally would.

Here are a few different puzzles that I found, which entertained me. Check them out. Maybe pick one up and start a fledgling new family tradition.

The Landscape

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Mmm, Beer

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Classic Rock

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MysteryΒ and Puzzles

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Sweet ColoursΒ 

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Sweet Animals

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Then, you can reminisce about that goldfish puzzle with the million shades of green in the ocean, or the 3D puzzle that was really easy due to the grooves. Grab a hot chocolate, or a glass of wine, and put your puzzling skills to work, while chatting with your loved ones.

Does your family have a puzzle tradition?

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