Creative Cash Gift: A Gift for Travelers
Creative Cash Gift A Gift for Travelers

Creative Cash Gift: A Gift for Travelers

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Creative Cash Gift A Gift for Travelers

[Photo – CC Attribution michaelcrane123]

Do you have some friends that absolutely love to travel? Β Do you have some friends that absolutely love to travel AND have a good sense of humour? Β Do they not live in a high rise in New York City?

Three checks?


Then this might be the perfect gift for them, for their wedding, anniversary, or maybe just a birthday present for that particular someone out there. Β It’s really quite simple and should at the very least have all of the guests at the wedding laughing!

All you have to do is buy a Travelocity Gnome, get a small envelope, stuff it with cash, a cheque, or an eTransfer password and then tape it to the bottom. Β For added fun, make the eTransfer password into a word search puzzle, using words related to the couple’s past and future trips!

The gnome even comes in several sizes, for various prices. Β PLUS, you can buy a talking one … but that might be a lot of coin for the amount of fun you’re looking to provide. Β The silent 8″ one is around $15 from Amazon.

If your friends are going to have a photobooth, this will be even more fun, because half the point of this friendly advertising character is taking lots of pictures. Β You could also consider throwing in a nice collection of post cards, as suggested previously.


Would you be a lover, or a hater, of this fun and out-there cash gift idea?

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  1. This is cute! What a great idea for a travel oriented couple. Even better, it's small so they could actually take it with them if they went travelling!

    1. Hehehe – ya, it would be pretty funny. If travel regs weren't what they are, it would be hilarious to sneak it into honeymoon luggage for them to find when they arrived!

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