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There are so many different custom books to make for Christmas presents! I love the gift ideas in here.

20 Custom Books to Make for Christmas Presents

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If you were looking to give a unique present to someone who loves books, presenting them with a custom book would be a good idea. There are so many different custom books that make awesome Christmas presents, but we have decided to stick with twenty of the best to avoid overloading you.

One of my favorite places to make custom books is Blurb. Their quality is excellent, they have pre-made layouts and the free software for creating the books is really straight forward to use. I’ve made four different books as gifts so far! You can even easily turn Instagram pictures into a book.

1. Cookbooks

Does your family have some recipes that have been handed down for generations? Make sure they can always remain in your family by presenting a relative with a custom cookbook. It will be of the same quality as a cookbook from the store, but be filled with your family’s recipes.

2. Travel book

Did your family go on a memorable vacation? Create a custom travel book, which features all of the things that you experienced. It will be a journey that your loved ones will never forget.

3. Children’s Book

Children love reading books. You can make it even more exciting for them by creating a story where they are inserted. It will help them learn to recognize their name and they will be very surprised when they hear their name in the story.

4. Photobook

Bring your favorite family photos back to life. This gift can be passed down to future generations too. Make sure relatives know about their history even when you are no longer around.
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5. Dating Book

You have probably heard about dating coupons, but did you know there are custom dating books that can be created? Create a book for your lover, which covers the entire history of your relationship.
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6. Portfolio

Do you have a friend that is an inspiring artist, model, or photographer? Creating them a custom portfolio would be the perfect gift, because it may just be what they need to get serious about their talents. Once they see their work featured in a portfolio they may notice just how good it really is.
Take a Look and Make a Book!

7. Goal Book

Has your bestie told you their three-year plan? Create them a custom goal book and they will be even more motivated to make their dreams turn into a reality.
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8. Wedding Book

Are you in charge of helping someone plan and execute their wedding. Create a custom wedding book that will allow them to see the before, during and after of their wedding journey.

9. Poetry Book

Give that aspiring poet a book of their poems. They will admire that you pay attention to their work and they will be lost for words seeing their poems in print.
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10. Recordable Storybook

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Recordable storybooks are the perfect gift for grandparents. It is like having a story read to them for the first time by their grandchild. Grandparents who live far away can feel as though they are sitting right next to their grandchild regardless of how many miles are in between them.

11. Milestone Book

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Create a book that features your child’s firsts for their 18th birthday. You may want to order one for yourself too so you can take trips down memory lane while they are away at college.

12. Accomplishments Book

Create a book that features your child’s accomplishments. They will be pleased to know that you have been keeping track of them achieving their goals.
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13. Hobby Book

Do you know someone who does a hobby that could make them some serious side money? Display all of their creations in front of them and show them just how their craft looks in a magazine styled book.
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14. Inspirational Book

Does someone you know need a little push to get back on the right track to achieving his or her goals. Send them a customized book full of inspirational quotes, stories and insert their life inside of the book to give them the motivation that they need.
Take a Look and Make a Book!

15. Scrapbook

Have you always wanted to do a scrapbook yet your photos are all taken by your mobile device? Don’t worry you can create one for a loved one from your digital photos and turn it into a high quality book.
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16. Instagram Book

Do you know someone who takes awesome photos, but only publishes them to Instagram? Take some of their most popular photos and turn it into an Instagram book.
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17. Yearbook

Give the gift of a custom yearbook, which displays all of the events that the recipient experienced over the year. They won’t be able to believe that they have received a yearbook where they are the center of attention.
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18. Blog Book

Are you purchasing a gift for a blogger or online writer? Collect all of their popular content and combine it in a book for them so they can take a trip down memory lane and see how far they have come.
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19. Journal

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Do you know someone who has a lot to say? Get them a customized journal and allow them to fill in the pages. You never know they may find out that they are a very skilled writer.

20. Planner

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Are you shopping for someone who always has to check their schedule to remember what they have to get done? Does their life revolve around having everything planned out to a β€œt”? If so, creating them a personalized planner would be guaranteeing that your gift would be picked as the favorite.

I have been extremely pleased with the memories that I’ve captured by creating my very own custom books using Blurb and can’t wait to create even more. They really are a tangible way to hold on to the life events and trips that I’ve taken. I’ve also been creating personalized-for-him photo and story books for my nephew, which has been a fun creative outlet for me and a great way for him to get to know me, despite living thousands of kilometers away.

Take a Look and Make a Book!

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