Cutting Boards as Wedding Gifts
Cutting boards as wedding gifts

Cutting Boards as Wedding Gifts

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Is there a cutting board residing on a registry?  A nice, thick, end grain one?  Perhaps a bamboo one?  It doesn’t seem to matter how many cutting boards I own, they somehow all end up dirty at the same time sometimes.  I love looking at the gorgeous handmade ones for sale in the gift shops in town, with the various woods making different patterns and the gorgeous feel to them.  You also often see cutting boards as wedding gifts on registries.


Etsy offers some really nice, high quality, customized cutting boards.  The first rule for getting something with names or initials – check what the couple will use for names after the wedding!  Can you imagine having something sitting in your house with someone else’s name on it??

Click here for search results on “Personalized Cutting Board.”

  This one with the K laser engraving is from Three in a Row Gift Co.  It is nice and subtle, so it shouldn’t overwhelm your recipient!







This one includes a bit more space to include a meaningful quote or verse.  It’s from Taylor Crafts Engraved.




There’s a bunch of other choices on Etsy, those are just two that I happen to like, plus remember not everyone is into huge crests.  Know your audience!


15 thoughts on “Cutting Boards as Wedding Gifts”

  1. It looks beautiful! I'd be a little worried about bits and pieces of things getting stuck in the engraving though… (too pragmatic?)

    1. I agree 100%! That's why my favourite one is the laser engraved at the top of the post. If you check the etsy link, there are lots which I thought were way too unpractical!

  2. I would love a cutting board for a wedding gift. There are some beautiful locally made ones at our closest market, I drool over them every time I go.

      1. My sister has a really nice one that she uses as a cheese board because she can't bear to put any knife marks on it!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I find I go in cycles of too many and just the right amount :-)

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Never? They stick so much better and it weirds me out less that a little bit of wood is making its way into my food than a little bit of plastic, though I'm not sure why.

  3. I know! This is such a brilliant gift idea! I gave my mom and dad a personalized cutting board with their nicknames on it on their anniversary and they were very happy with it!

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