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Father’s Day Gifts For Senior Citizens

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Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dad’s everywhere! Regardless of their age, a dad is someone who serves an important role in your life. Passing on wisdom and building your character for every moment you spend with them. To celebrate the man who is, and always will be, these Father’s Day gifts for senior citizens are a great way to show dad you’re always thinking about him. Whether you’re looking for something, fun, practical or clever these Father’s Day gift ideas for older dads will make them feel appreciated. 

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Senior Citizens 

These Father’s day gift ideas are perfect for  treating dad. Gadgets, gizmos and fun gifts aren’t just for the young bucks! Check out these gift ideas that will let dad know that Father’s Day only gets better year after year. 

Atmospheric Bluetooth Speaker

glowing flame outdoor long battery life bluetooth speaker father's day 

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Dad’s porch parties just got a whole lot better. These Bluetooth speakers last for hours, and they even feature a dancing flame light that keeps the party going even after the sun goes down. It’s even waterproof!

Heated Shiatsu Massager 

shiatsu back massager heated massage device gadget gift idea 

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Dad will love this easy to use, heated shiatsu back and neck massager! Give him a gift he can use to relax with just about anywhere.  

5-in-1 Multi Function Jar Opener

jar bottle can opener 5 in 1 twist grip opener for arthritis 

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This set can make dad’s life a whole lot easier. It’s a 5-in-1 opener that can tackle everything from cans, to jars and even bottles. You don’t need to have arthritis to struggle with a jar, but this is a great aide to those who do! 

Complete Resistance Band Set 


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This is a set of resistance bands that will help keep dad as buff as you remember him! Why bands? They’re incredibly lightweight, and reduce the chance of injury during strength training drastically. This is a gift he can use every day to help him stay in shape and stronger than ever! 

Funny Father’s Day Shirt 


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You’re never too old for a funny T-shirt on father’s day. This ‘Reel Cool Dad’ fishing shirt will give him and his friends a good chuckle, making it a great gift for father’s day for dads of all ages. 

Extendable Golf Ball Retriever



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Bending over sucks no matter how far along you are in your years. Thankfully, you can spare dad a couple of aches with this incredibly handy golf gadget! He’ll love using this extendable golf ball retriever, which instantly locks onto and picks up a golf ball wherever it lands. 

Carhartt Insulated Loose Fit Jacket 


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Guys don’t just wear these for impeccable blue collar style. Carhartt jackets are insulated for warmth during the fall and winter, and they provide an incredibly comfortable fit! Not only is it a key piece of must-have dad fashion, but it’s something that will keep him cozy anywhere he goes. 

Heated Kneading Foot Massager 


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If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift for senior citizens that’s really going to go over well, this foot massager is a great place to start! It includes a heated kneading feature which 

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls 


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For the blossoming Seniors PGA superstar, these golf balls will re stock dad’s bag for the next time he hits the green. If you’re a golfer yourself, you know you can’t have enough high-quality golf balls on hand. 

Adidas Shower Slides 


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Despite the name, these aren’t just for hitting the steam room. These sliders are some of the most comfortable and supportive out there to keep dad’s feet feeling as young as ever! Plus, what’s a dad without at least one piece of Adidas in his wardrobe?

Percussion Massage Gun 

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Awesome massaging gadgets are in no short supply nowadays, and this one is practically an essential. For the dad who’s always complaining about an ache or pain, these percussion massage guns provide a deep-tissue stimulation that makes a difference. It even comes with a variety of attachments to treat different muscles. 

Universal Socket Tool 


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This too is absolutely indispensable. The fact of the matter is, you’re never too old to stop getting tools on Father’s Day! This is a socket that has a unique mechanism that sized it to just about any size bolt. Instead of making dad fish around for his reading glasses and socket set, he can spend more time fishing on the lake. 

Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush 


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This brush is a genius by more than just name alone. It’s a rechargeable toothbrush that will monitor your brushing style and help you keep track of which surfaces need the most attention. Grab dad one of these to make his routine easy and more tech-forward! 

Oversized Portable Back Scratcher 


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Like any ordinary back scratcher, but even scratchier! Seriously, if ever there were such a thing as a ‘premium’ back scratcher, this would be it! Help dad scratch that itch, literally, with this easy to use gadget. 

Comfort Memory Foam Pillow 

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This is one father’s day gift for senior citizens just about anyone would enjoy regardless of age. This is a set of chair memory foam pillows make dad’s favorite seat even that much more comfortable. Don’t be surprised if he stops complaining about lower back pain after using these for a while. 

Digital Calendar Alarm 


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One thing older dad’s might struggle with a bit is their vision. Even if dad isn’t having too hard of a time, little quality of life adjustments like this large numbered calendar alarm clock could make a world of difference for him! 

Electric Heating Wrap 

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Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes is something as simple as this electric heating wrap to help with some of dad’s troublesome back pain. It will keep him warm, and help soothe inflammation if he over does it a little bit in the yard. 

Arthritis-Friendly Nail Clippers


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These nail clippers are an incredibly practical gift for dad, especially if he suffers from arthritis.

The Oodie Wearable Sherpa 



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Who said dad couldn’t enjoy something soft for those couch-and-slippers days? This miraculous innovation is a sherpa-lined hooded blanket that dad can wear when he’s relaxing. It won’t keep you too hot, or too cold. 

Nature Gear Bird Feeder 

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This bird feeder is an awesome piece of gear to brighten dad’s day in the most heartwarming way possible. It’s a birdfeeder that’s totally clear, and can be mounted to the outside of any window. If your dad is a birdwatcher, or could use a little extra company, this would be a great way to surprise him. 

Self-Cleaning Bidet 


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I know what you’re thinking, but this system will totally improve dad’s life. Seriously, this self cleaning bidet is a huge upgrade in comfort and cleanliness, especially if you want to help give him a little more independence. 

Single-Strap Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock 


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This is a great, simple piece of gear that will help alleviate some of the heel pain associated with a common tendon issue many people develop in their feet. It keeps the foot in the ideal position for reducing inflammation, without sacrificing comfort. 

Sony Wireless Headphones


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These headphones are a great way for dad to enjoy his favorite TV shows, music or podcasts without the mess of wires that comes with traditional headphones. They’re easy to charge and pair, too! 

Nautica Voyage Cologne 


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Dad is never too old for smelling fantastic! This classic father’s day gift is a great choice for the senior dad who likes to dress and feel the part whenever he goes out. 

Docker’s Men’s Sandals 


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These are the classic dad sandals, a quintessential father’s day gift for senior citizens. These are incredibly comfortable, and easy to put on. 

Dad would love to know you care, and these heartwarming and incredibly practical gift ideas do just that. Remind him who is favorite child is with a memorable and fun gift inspired by some of our suggestions! Thanks for stopping by, let us know down below which one you’re going to pick up for dad this Father’s Day. 

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