Registry Top-Ups

Registry Top-Ups

These days, in North America, most couples will have a gift registry (or a few), populated with things that they would like to have.  In many cases, people already have lots of things but have not yet sorted out the finances for their own McMansion to hold them all.  I’m speaking from experience here, my condo is bursting at the seams!

So that usually puts the lucky recipient of a wedding invitation wanting to get the lovely couple a little something, but perhaps feeling like that toaster or pancake flipper is rather uninspired.  Allow me to help you spice up that wedding gift, so you feel like it has a little flavour.  (And I’m not talking about that time I spiced up my cell phone with some cayenne pepper while making dinner…)

Registry-Inspired Creative Wedding Gift Ideas:

Address Custom Rubber Stamp


Cereal Bowls

Cookie Sheet

Cutting Boards

Fondue Pot


Luggage or Honeymoon Add-ons

Pillows, Pillows 2

Pillow Cases, Pillow Cases 2

Sheet Set

Soup Bowl

Soup Ladle

Sugar Pot


Trash Can

Waffle Maker

Wine Glasses, Wine Glasses 2, Wine Glasses 3


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