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Gifts for Kids (but Really for Parents) – Kid’s Furniture

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Keeping kids happy and somewhat occupied is an age-old parenting chore.  Okay, perhaps not age-old, as back in the day, kids had a lot more economic contributions to the family than they do today.

Gifts for Kids - That are really for parents!

Giving kids kid-safe and kid-fun bedrooms is one of the pieces of the puzzle.  Giving kids a place that they are happy to go and hang out, without being in parent’s hair is the icing on the cake! Putting together a room that is good for playing, arts and crafts and reading can create a mini-sanctuary in the rest of your house.  The tricky part is doing so without spending a fortune.

We have all heard the line “kids are expensive” a million and one times.  It’s true… but only as true as you let it become.

Kid’s furniture is one of those bigger ticket items, and we know that kids also grow like weeds.  Thankfully, many modern day pieces of furniture can be modified as your kid grows, which is excellent for the pocket book.  A lot of cribs can now convert from cribs right through to toddler’s beds, meaning you only need to own one piece of furniture for several years.

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Here is an example of a convertible crib:

Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso Cherry


As kids get older, though, they grow out of things, and their tastes change.  You might have a little girl that is fascinated with race cars and wants one of the race car beds.  Then, a few years later, she has moved on to wanting a beach-themed room.

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed (Blue)

It can all get quite expensive.

So how does this all tie back into gift giving?

Two cans of paint make a fantastic gift for a tween or teenager who is still sporting a decidedly “childish” room. While that may bring on a weekend project for parents, it keeps their kid happy and keeps the cost of transforming rooms down.  There is a lot of power in a can of paint!

Paint can transform the vibe of a room and can also be used to transform furniture.  Obviously you can only modify the look of a car bed so much when using paint.  Want a purple sports car?  You can probably do that with some plastic spray paint.  Want anything other than a car?  You’re out of luck!

To keep things interesting, but also to keep costs under control, take a look for second hand furniture on sites like Gumtree.

A huge help to parents is to offer to take a look at second hand sites for items that they would like to buy.  If you are already a second-hand site visitor, keeping an eye out for parents can help them save a boatload of money on all sorts of things.

Second hand furniture also makes fantastic projects, which are another great gift for parents (assuming they’re up to it!).  Projects are a great way for parents to spend time with their children, teach them skills and help them feel pride of ownership in their own, renovated rooms.

Painting and refinishing furniture is all the rage right now and there are a myriad of high quality and detailed tutorials available online, right down to specific projects and types of material.

Have you ever done an affordable bedroom remodel, or face lifted kid’s furniture?


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