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The Best Creative Destination Wedding Gift! Postcards!

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So you’re going to a destination wedding and really can’t figure out what to get as a gift?  This is an idea that I haven’t really seen anywhere else (I think) and it would be super awesome for the couple, but also super affordable.  I think it’s the perfect kind of thing for a gift from a Maid of Honour or a Best Man.

It’s really quite simple – here are your ingredients:

  • Pens
  • Postcards
  • Stamps (local to the destination)
  • Guest List
  • Address of Newlyweds
  • A whip or manipulation skills – I kid… you will at least need to be forceful with some folks


You can either order some fun postcards before you arrive, or choose to support the local economy and purchase a good variety once you’ve arrived.  Multicoloured pens (make sure they don’t explode on the plane!) also make this little exercise more fun.  Here’s what you do:

Creative & Affordable Destination Wedding Gift

  1. Pre-address and stamp a nice big stack of postcards to the new couple’s home address.  Some you should probably leave the names blank, in case someone wants to use a nickname or write something silly.
  2. Under cloak of darkness (or however you choose to keep it a secret from the couple), hunt down and corner every wedding guest/couple/# of people per postcard.  Assign them a  postcard or let them choose a postcard, provide a writing utensil and then demand that they promptly fill in the card and return it to you, to be posted.  Tell them that they get a gold star next to their name upon completion.  Let kids draw pictures, they will probably jump on this idea.
  3. If you can, start mailing them as soon as they are returned to you, so that they arrive in a staggered fashion.
  4. If your experience with the mail system is anything like mine, you can be guaranteed they will arrive over a random time frame anyway.

If you want to receive full credit for this idea, you’re going to have to directly fess up and ask for all of the love, perhaps in your very own postcard.

You can get a whole bunch of postcards for a good price from Amazon (don’t forget the main cost of this gift is the postage!), plus they come in lots of unique themes, check it out:


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