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This post is a little bit off-topic for this site, but is about a really fantastic product about which I can’t say enough positives.  (Okay, seriously, that would sound way more normal with a dangling proposition.)  If you are looking for some perfect green and eco-friendly wedding shoes, or wedding party shoes, these are them!

Remyxx Sneakers are a Chuck Taylor style sneaker, with everything recyclable – laces, uppers, lowers, all of it.  Quoting their website, in the US alone, 300 million pairs of shoes make it into the trash every year.  Even that estimate seems low, as it would be tossing less than one pair of shoes per person, per year.  Ever heard of babies and toddlers?  Yes, their shoes usually get passed on, but they do end up in the trash and kids blow through sizes at lightning speed!

There’s a whole bunch of cute designs in the works, too:

(There’s more than those ones, too.)

I highly recommend checking out their website: and check out their pre-sale, where shoes start at $65 on Kickstarter.

Vote with your dollars to have a greener, happier future.

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