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Group Gift: The Digital Camera

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Reenieโ€™s blog about how group gifts are like a giant hug.ย  Today I would like to talk a bit more about one of the gifts I spoke about, a DSLR camera as a gift.ย  The extra-awesome part?ย  Thanks to the generosity of Structured Settlement Quotes, a buyer of structured settlement payments, you can enter to win your very own, drool-worthy Canon Rebel T4i DSLR in the giveaway below!!

An important part of marriage is creating, sharing and relishing memories, as a part of the family-building process.ย  Cameras go a long way toward that, especially in our extremely digital world, where it is so very easy to take the photos.ย  The other day I read a fantastic article, called So Youโ€™re Feeling Too Fat to be Photographed, which I highly recommend you read.ย  In short, it highlights the importance of capturing memories, in case the worst happens, so that your family is left with something to remember you by. ย I believe that cameras make a great wedding gift because they provide a way for the couple to capture all of their new experiences and memories, keeping them preserved for the future.

The Camera as a Group Gift

A set of my friends selected a DSLR Camera as their long-shot wedding registry item. They didnโ€™t think that they would receive it, but were so happy when some family members got together and purchased it for them as a group gift. The newlyweds spent the first year of their marriage teaching English in Korea, snapping photos and adventuring together. Their memories would have been very different had they not had generous guests who came together to bless them with this gift. They also picked up a convenient carrying case, to complete the gift. ย Of course, you can always give a DSLR yourself, it doesn’t have to be a group gift, it just depends on your budget!

Lovely Extras to go with a Camera Gift

A Photobook

Give the newlywed couple a gift certificate for a photobook . You could even suggest that they use it to capture all of the memories from their honeymoon, or their first year together as a family.


As mentioned above, thereโ€™s always the camera case. There are a lot of choices and the best one will depend primarily on how the camera will be used. Personally, I have a bright orange Pelican 1200 case, so itโ€™s easy to find outdoors.


Speaking of the outdoors, if your recipients are avid outdoor folk, they will really appreciate a Peak Designs Clip, which makes carrying around a large camera nice and easy.


Thereโ€™s a million different tripods out there! Some are nice and portable and easy to move, like the super fun Joby Gorillapod. I got mine at MEC. This is a nice touch that would help newlyweds take some great selfiesโ€ฆ that donโ€™t cut out the background!


I am a wanna-be photographer. I have a moderately nice DSLR but have never got around to properly learning how to use the thing, which has led to a lot of mocking from my spouse. There are often lessons available through groupons, or a local course on offer.

Other Stuff

If you are like me, lens caps are pesky. Pick up a lens cap holder for a few bucks. The most common kinds have a little cord or are a giant elastic band type thing.
Once people get into photography, there are a million ways to spend money. New lenses, flashes, card readers, filters and wheely bags are just a few little examples. I would recommend sticking to the basics to start.

So Now You Want One Too?

Hereโ€™s the giveaway!
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8 thoughts on “Group Gift: The Digital Camera”

  1. I like the showerhead idea. I would have never thought of that, but it is a great gift idea for a man.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      It's definitely random – I like that it works well for guys or gals :-)

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Thanks… they're usually too pricey to be from one person/couple :-)

  2. I got one of the gorillapods for Christmas and I really like it. It's really portable for travel, and easy to use.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Yes, they're pretty sweet. I don't care for it for day trips, but I love it for things like camping and road trips.

  3. I received a camera from my parents for Christmas and I love it. I would love lessons though because I don't know how to use half the features!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I hear ya! I have a dummies book but never get around to reading it, either.

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