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Guest Post: Health Care Gifts!

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Today I am happy to announce a blog swap, with Kim from Eyes on the Dollar.  I am posting over at her site – come check it out!

With every holiday season, there is always someone on your list that tests your gift giving skills. You know the type; they may already have everything, don’t have any hobbies you understand, and never seem really excited about gifts of any sort. I don’t know about you, but when I give a gift, I like the recipient to be happy and impressed with the thought I’ve put into it. Being in the health care industry, Iโ€™ve seen gifts of health care services and products make great presents. These are a few of the ones that tend to work well.


Whether they admit it or not, most people like a good pair of sunglasses. My father-in-law is kind of a grumpy gift recipient, but Iโ€™ve never seen him more excited than when we gave him a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. He would never spend money on something like that for himself, but as a fisherman, they really make a difference. You can find sunglasses in just about every style and price range as well.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a life changing gift for teenagers.  Obviously, you canโ€™t go buy a box without a prescription, but you can arrange with the recipientโ€™s eye doctor to provide for contact lens training and products. If the patient has been in within the last year, they wonโ€™t need a new exam, and this can be a pretty affordable gift. Teens arenโ€™t the only ones who may appreciate this gift.  A couple of years ago, we actually had a lady who wanted to buy contacts for her friend. She knew her friend was going through some hard times and wasnโ€™t able to afford them that year. If you are used to wearing contacts and suddenly are forced to wear glasses, it is a big hit to your self esteem. Iโ€™ve probably never seen a happier gift recipient than the ladyโ€™s friend.

Teeth Whitening

Okay, this is certainly not an eye doctor service.  I would have probably never thought of giving any sort of gift that involved a dentist unless I didnโ€™t like the person, but one of my employees received a gift certificate for a LASER teeth whitening treatment from her mom. Again, this was something she would have never bought for herself, but she was giddy with the thought of having white, bright teeth. You donโ€™t want to insult anyone, but if you know they donโ€™t like the look of their smile, this makes a great, unique gift.

Stocking Stuffers

Instead of candy or socks, there are a variety of smaller gifts that you can give to make you stand out as a unique gifter.  If you have an adult on your list that uses store bought readers and doesnโ€™t require a prescription, there are tons of cute styles that are often priced below $10. If you are unsure what strength to buy, a good rule of thumb is that from ages 40-50, +1.25 or +1.50 is a good power. From ages 50-60, +1.75 or +2.00 tends to work, and for over 60 years of age, +2.25 or +2.50 usually gets the job done.

Microfiber glasses cleaning cloths make great affordable gifts for the person who always has dirty glasses or sunglasses and cleans them with a shirt tail or paper towels. Remember that paper towels are made from wood and can scratch lenses. Microfiber works much better and is machine washable. You can even buy souvenir cloths. In our area, a popular one has the Telluride ski map as a pattern and is about the size of a large dish towel. They also work great if your windshield gets filmy on the inside.

Finally, it might not be very creative, but if you know that someone needs an eye exam or glasses, you can always give a gift certificate to help with their needs. Iโ€™d rather receive something boring that I will use instead of another cookie jar or tin of popcorn that will most likely get regifted!

If you think outside the box, sometimes you can find exciting gifts in the strangest of places. The next time you visit your eye doctor or dentist, you might consider looking around to find the next great present.

Have you ever given a gift from the doctorโ€™s office?

This is a guest post from Kim at Eyes on the Dollar. Kim has been a private practice optometrist for almost 13 years. She also blogs about her journey toward achieving 20/20 financial vision. You can follow her on Twitter @Eyesonthedollar.

26 thoughts on “Guest Post: Health Care Gifts!”

  1. I would like the glasses, and the lenses would definitely be a nice addition to a teenager's makeover. Another gift I am thinking about is better products from the pharmacy than the usual ones from the supermarket's beauty aisle. A good sunscreen for a keen skier, PH neutral products for a sensitive skin…

    1. I have had a good moisturizer before and now I am using a Walmart product and it isn't nearly as good. I would love to get some of the better stuff. That would make a great gift.

  2. These are interesting gift ideas. I'd definitely go for contacts or teeth whitening, since both are things I put off because of budget concerns.

  3. I haven't given a gift from the doctors office myself but Mrs.CBB has to herself lol. She got her teeth whitened one Christmas as a gift to herself and she couldn't be happier. She said it was money well spent and it was over and done with in a couple of hours. Times have changed now and you can get your teeth whitened all over the place but still worth it to have a nice white smile. Great post Kim , lots of great ideas. Mr.CBB

    1. Sounds like a pretty good present. I was at a fundraiser a few weeks ago and there was a teeth whitening package. The dentist was there and joking with someone that instead of teeth whitening they could have grills.

    2. I've known lots of people who are really embarrased by their teeth. I think getting them fixed or whitened as an adult is an excellent idea, and improves self esteem.

  4. Mandy @ MoneyMasterM

    I got my grandmother a 10 pack of Aqua Aerobics. She loved it, and I was happy to buy her something other than birdseed

  5. Interesting idea, certainly a good way to influence someone's health habits :) I've never given anyone a gift from the doctor's office but there's a firs time for everything!

  6. This is a pretty unique idea. Instead of buying someone stuff for a gift give them something they can actually use. It's pretty brilliant really.
    One that I have heard of on radio is LASIK gift certificates.

  7. I gave my partner a teeth whitening kit for Christmas 2010. She never used it so I did about a month before it expired. Now she's again asking for tooth whitening.

  8. One mother's day my MIL only had weight loss items on her Amazon wish list (mind you, she's about 115lb and 5'4" tall – does not need weight loss items!) so we told her there was no way we would insult her by buying them. We didn't want to feel like our gift was saying "get moving fatty!" even if she wanted them…

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