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Home Spa Gift for Men or Women

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Home Spa Gift Idea for Men or Women

A moderately common wedding gift registry item is monogrammed couples bathrobes.Β  They can be so comfy and perfect for newlyweds lounging around on the weekend!Β  This idea can also help you creative an anniversary gift for men or women, a birthday gift, a Christmas gift… really an any occasion gift!

From the bathrobe, you can easily get to making a great “Home Spa Gift Basket.”Β  Pop in a few of the following to pull it off:

OR – Opt for this Super Awesome Gift Idea

A fancy shower head.

This is one of those little luxury items that most people do not spring for themselves, but can make people very happy.Β  Do you need a gift idea for a man?Β  This may just do the trick!Β  They can vary a lot in price, anywhere from $30 or so for a decent one, up through the hundreds of dollars.Β  One of the great things about most shower heads is that they take about 3 minutes to install and are easy to take with you when you move. Β (Sandra shows you how, but she says it takes 5 minutes.) Β This is great for renters, too.

For Christmas, I bought my spouse a Delta In2ition, like this one from Amazon:

It’s pretty sweet, though I do wish it had a bit higher water pressure.Β  I’m starting to think that it might be my building though, as the previous one wasn’t very high pressure either.Β  (Un-green confession: I’ve already taken out the plug.)

So, when you’re struggling for a great gift idea for someone who’s hard to buy for… consider a fancy new shower head!Β  It ought to at least be unique.

Do you have a nice shower head?Β  Does it make the start of your day better?

[PhotoΒ – CC Attribution – UggBoy UggGirl]

8 thoughts on “Home Spa Gift for Men or Women”

  1. John S @ Frugal Rules

    That's a great idea! My in-laws redid their bathroom several years ago and they love buying some of the stuff you mentioned. We have a fairly nice shower head, but we're actually getting our master bath redone in a month or two and getting a nicer showerhead is near the top of the list.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Ohhh, I bet you're going to have an amazing bathroom when you're done! Enjoy it… I hope you get the showerhead of your dreams, haha.

  2. Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence

    I like a shower head that is like a waterfall but couldn't stand the water waste every day. All my heads are equipped with low flow filters and as a gift I would prefer the spa basket! or a set of low flow devices.
    My recent post Buy my method, not my lifestyle

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Haha, yes. You need one of the low flow high pressure ones. Most of the packaging at the store was advertising the water savings and how much pressure they could produce.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      That sounds like a great shower head, too. I bet your tenants appreciate it. I just got back from vacation and was LOVING the shower head we had there.

  3. This is actually a really good idea, and we are desperately in need of redoing our bathroom (or at least changing the shower head. I always thought if you could just make your home bathroom a little more luxurious it would have that spa/hotel feel.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      A few little changes can make your own bathroom so much more awesome. You can even use it as a gift idea, if you want to get it done for "no reason," hehe. #scheming

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