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How to Give Birthday Gifts When You’re Social Distancing

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Your first instinct might be to just buy something non-breakable and throw it the 6 feet you need to stay apart from people, but that’s probably not the best answer. These ideas for how to give birthday gifts while you’re social distancing will work for all those breakable things and avoid the chance of coming too close to your family and friends.

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How To Give Birthday Gifts When You’re Social Distancing

Yes, you can order a gift online and have it shipped to someone. It’s really no different than giving a gift to someone who lives far away! These ideas will help you add a little ‘umph’ to your quarantine gift giving, though, especially when someone has to celebrate their birthday without going out.

It’s not only a gift; it’s a cheer up package to help someone remember they’re still special even when group celebrations are put on hold.

Drop Off a Social Distancing Birthday Package

Just like everywhere’s doing these days, set yourself up with a contactless delivery package. Instead of just giving a birthday gift, though, you can make it a whole ‘party at your door’ type situation.

Deliver a wrapped gift, a slice of cake, and if you can maybe even tie some balloons to it. It will feel even more special than just giving a gift and make their birthday feel a bit more festive.

Go Digital

If you’re wondering what kind of birthday gift to get for someone who’s isolating at home and can’t get to the store (or shop online) yourself, consider giving a digital gift instead. The obvious choice is gift cards for online shopping, but there’s so many unique gift ideas out there.

Popular choices are video streaming services like Netflix, music services like Spotify, an Audible subscription, a membership to a website they like, or digital copies of video games.

Give Them Something They Can Use Right Now

Normally we give birthday gifts to spoil our friends and family. Right now, it shouldn’t be any different, but really think about whether or not the birthday gift you give can actually be put to use right now. Even if your friend loves to travel, for example, now isn’t the best time to give new luggage.

Instead, give them something fun that they can use while being stuck at home. Think things like loungewear, devices like Kindles so they can read eBooks, or smart speakers to listen to music at home.

Make The Gift Something They Can Do

A lot of people are bored at home right now. It makes sense since we’re all used to living pretty busy lives. On the other hand, some people are juggling working from home and looking after kids which might make life even more stressful.

For adults, give craft and activity kits or things that they can do to help relieve stress. If you’re looking for kids’ gift ideas, consider something that will occupy them on their own like LEGO or kids’ craft supplies.

Opt For Gift Baskets When Shopping Online

Online shopping is still a great way to give gifts to people even if they live close by. Instead of just giving one thing, though, consider sending a gift basket or care package. There’s a lot that you can buy premade, or you can ship a bunch of things to their house.

Snacks are a pretty big hit right now, especially when people can’t get out to enjoy a little treat or pick something up easily from the store.

Have a Meal Delivered

One of the best parts about celebrating your birthday is getting to eat a meal out. When you’re staying at home, that’s not so easy, and they might not think to order take out just for themselves. So, on your friend’s or family member’s birthday, have their favorite food delivered from somewhere you know they love.

If you’re not sure, a gift card to a meal delivery service is an excellent second choice.

Teach Them Something

If you’re shopping for someone who’d likely use their quarantine time to learn a new skill, then consider giving them something that supports that passion. Depending on your budget, there’s a lot of options out there. Instruments, online music lessons, beginner craft kits, or Masterclass subscriptions are all great birthday gift ideas.

Support Local Businesses

Many local businesses are still open for phone or online orders. They also frequently have free delivery or contactless pickup. The little guys are the ones who are going to be hit the hardest from a complete shutdown, so anything that you can do to help them is appreciated right now.

Some ideas include Your local flower shop, local bakeries and restaurants, and small gift shops. Or, if it’s your thing, you could order from a direct sales consultant too.

Coordinate With Other Friends

If you normally celebrate birthdays with a group of friends or were planning on an event that was canceled due to social distancing, you can still help give your friend a great birthday at home. Make arrangements with your usual gang to have all the gifts delivered at the same time, just as if you were opening gifts as a group. You could even set up a group call so everyone can watch.

Or do something unique like have gifts delivered every hour and throw food into the mix. Just because you’re all at home doesn’t mean you can’t plan a cool birthday surprise!

Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones Who Are Social Distancing:

  • Craft and activity kits
  • E-readers and tablets
  • Headphones or speakers
  • Things they can enjoy like music, TV shows, video games, and movies (either streamed., downloaded, or physical copies)
  • Snacks or baked goods
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Comfy clothing or anything that will make being at home more comfortable

The one good thing about being asked to stay home is at least you know your loved ones will be around to get your deliveries! Now that you know how to give birthday gifts when you’re social distancing, you can make someone’s birthday special this year – even if things are tough.

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