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Inglorious Vegetables and Infants

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Happy Friday, y’all!

Stop by Debt Free Guys to read my interview as part of their Money Masters series!

This week I watched this awesome video by the French supermarket IntermarchΓ©. It tells the story of how they repurposed not-pretty vegetables that used to be discarded by wholesalers, reducing food waste. Yay!

Tonight I am taking dinner to yet another family, the storks around here are working overtime, I think. There are infants left, right and center! I am going to have to continue coming up with Affordable Meals to Take to Families!

I read a post by Cat of Budget BlondeΒ this week, over at Budget Ease, called Great Gifts to Give if You’re on a Budget. Obviously I am very supportive of this idea! If you want to take a look at some affordable gift ideas, read my entire category on how to save money on gift giving!

Things are going quite well over at Money Propeller! Every Friday I am hosting a linky party called Friday Jet Fuel, where you can come and link up your posts and visit others. Β Please join us!

I saw this really awesome collapsible, reusable coffee cup on Kickstarter called Smash Cup. Β I ended up buying two, because they look so awesome. Β Here is a graphic that explains how they work (which I blatantly stole from the Kickstarter page). Β There’s an awesome video on Kickstarter, too, go check it out!

Smash Cup


What did you get up to this week?

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