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Jewelry Gift Ideas

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There’s something about jewelry.

Many people can never have enough.

Accessorizing changes up the entire vibe of an outfit, with a simple swapping of one or two pieces. Β As a result, jewelry gift ideas are really a chance to open up a whole new set of outfits and clothing vibes for the recipient. Jewelry is a chance to share some flair and personality, even if you are wearing jeans and a black top.

Another great thing about jewelry?


There are tens of thousands of designers in the world, if not more, all adding their own personal touch and creativity to jewelry pieces.

Enter Fragments

They are an online jewelry retailer, that features the bold and inspired designs of dozens of designers, in all sorts of mediums.

Designer Lena Skadegard describes her work as

“… inspired by the power of the earth’s organic, raw treasures and the experiences.”

Here is an example of one of her bracelets, called the Eitan Bracelet, that featuresΒ pink opal , citrine and 18K gold vermeil. It falls into the category of Fine Jewelry, thanks to the luxurious components.

Eitan Bracelet



Robinda Unsworth presents the long (38″), simple and elegant Aditi Necklace, compiled from sterling silver, 22K gold vermeil and pearl sapphires.

aditi necklace


Looking for something extremely unique? Try Elizabeth Cole’s fish earrings on for size. Β These are Swarovski crystal and 24K gold plated conversation starters!

fish earrnings


Fragments has a selection of creatively shaped rings, including this opal ring, which has the colour and depth of a Caribbean sea, by designer Melissa Joy Manning.

opal ring


For those with a penchant for the bold and original, Fragments is the place to shop. Β Here are some highlights from their avant guarde collection:


Kiungo Necklace by Ashley Pitman
Kiungo Necklace by Ashley Pitman
Candy Necklace by Jessica Cushman
Candy Necklace by Jessica Cushman
Zoe Necklace by LK Designs
Zoe Necklace by LK Designs


Does anything strike your fancy? Pop on over to and browse a bit.

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