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Just Add Water Gifts

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Do you have some far away friends? Friends that you would like to send gifts to, but the thought of spending $60 on Greyhound fees makes your stomach churn? (That was me, at Christmas.) Maybe that cast iron Le Creuset pot is exactly what they want, but you wish you could shrink it down and ship it for the cost of a letter? Then, the recipient could “just add water” and it would turn back into the item you wanted to give them? ย Well, you are in luck!

Do you remember “grow a dinosaur” or “grow-a-date” things from your childhood? You would get this egg pill shaped capsule thing, then run to the bathroom sink, fill it with water, put the little capsule in the water and start repeatedly asking your Mom how long it would take. As soon as it was done, you wouldn’t really want to play with the sponge foam shape and the whole game was over. Just me?

Don’t you worry, you can still get things that grow! Now, as much as a grow-a-date sounds like fun, (especially that one that starts as a frog!) most of your friends are after something a little more substantial. However, swinging by the dollar store toy section, or ordering a few online, really brings this gift idea together.

First up: figure out what it is you would like to give your long-distance friend as a gift. Next, figure out where you can buy it from. If you can, buy a gift card for a retailer that sells it. If not, you’re giving a cash gift!

Here comes the easy part. Print out a picture of the item and attach it to this free printable card. ย Then, use tape to stick the gift card to the inside of the card. ย If you are attaching cash, you can either tape it in or cut a small slit, insert a paper clip, and clip the money to the paperclip. ย Easy-peasy! ย Now you can actually send your awesome gift for only the cost of a letter! ย Everyone wins! ย The card is rather tongue in cheek and says:

* Simply take your personalized gift to the appropriate retailer to exchange it for the gift pictured on the front!

Note: Adding water to actual money will only make it soggy, or slightly cleaner, if it is a plastic bill.


Free Printable Card Just Add Water Gift Idea

To download the free printable, click on this link, which will open a new tab in your browser with the card PDF. ย Then, press Ctrl and P at the same time to bring up your printer dialogue box. ย You could also press Ctrl and S, to save the file for later.

What are your favourite creative ways to wrap cash gifts?

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6 thoughts on “Just Add Water Gifts”

  1. This is a great idea! Shipping costs are so expensive, especially internationally, that it makes sense to do something like this instead. They might not receive a big package in the mail (which is always fun) but they will get a bigger gift because you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping costs.
    My recent post When Do I Start Saving for Retirement?

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Yes! I get so jealous of all the free shipping offers you have down in the States! Good point about receiving something big and fun in the mail though!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Thanks John! I love adding the little extra touches, which don't have to cost anything at all!

  2. My parents have totally done this… they give a card with a picture of something in it like running shoes, and then they give cash. My fiancé thinks it is weird, but it isn't like my parents can pick out the perfect running shoes for me!
    My recent post My Car, The Money Pit.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      That's awesome – running shoes are a great gift to get, they're so expensive!

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