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How to Make an Amazon Wedding Registry – Tips & Tricks

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Do you feel intimidated by setting up a wedding registry?

I would NEVER have thought of these wedding registry tips and tricks. They are also so easy to set up, I had no idea!

Sure, there are all sorts of emotional and political obstacles to navigate, from getting over “it looks like a cash-grab” to “no Grandma, we really don’t want fine china.”

Ignoring those nuances and couples’ discussions, there’s the “how to actually go about things” part.  And the “life would have been so much better if we knew that first” part.

Rest assured, my friends.  It is easey-peasy.

They’re a necessary evil, and if you register on Amazon, people will give you Amazon gift cards, which are awesome.  – Kathleen


So easy, in fact, that I think you should do it right away.  Then, when you think of something that you would like while chatting around the watercooler at work, you can hop back to your desk and pop it onto the registry, for discussion with your betrothed.

Just head over and create an Amazon Wedding Registry to get started. It’s not hard, pinky swear.

The good thing about Amazon is that it ships all over, and virtually everyone knows about it.

Do you want to just skip ahead to the wedding registry tips and tricks?


Let’s do that!

Wedding Registry Tips

If you already feel you have everything, check out this article first. 

Don’t do it all at once

“Don’t do it all at once! Let the registry process take a couple days, and whenever you think there’s something you want, add it!  – Kathleen

Make a list

I registered on Amazon for our engagement party and it was a bit overwhelming – you could choose from ANYTHING.

My biggest advice is to make a list before hand and try to stick with it – somewhat. It’s easy to get caught up in your never-ending amazon wishlist.

Stick to what’s important. What would you really like to receive as a married couple?

I know friends who registered on Amazon that got a bit carried away with their “wants” rather than “needs.” They ended up registered for hundreds of books, little gadgets, camping gear and movies and I think the guests were a bit confused on what to get them.

Put items on your registry that are reasonable amounts of money you’d expect as a gift. Think of everything and really research the range that Amazon has to offer – and then remember what’s important to you.

You’d be surprised at the beautiful collections of furniture, dishware, and practical storage options that you can find on Amazon.” – Amy

Online was easier than in store

I registered with Target online. It was so much easier to register through the website than in the store.

We live in another state than all of our guests and this way they could see what we wanted and if it could be sent to them.”  – Cate

What was annoying about the Amazon wedding registry process?


Keeping track

Keeping track of your account.

I kept confusing my own wishlist with what we had actually decided on.

It’s also dangerous when you’ve double-clicked by accident. But mostly, getting overwhelmed by going on a clicking spree and ending up with things in your cart you had no idea you even wanted!”  – Amy

Navigating back to your registry

It’s not easy to navigate back to the registry. Amazon menus suck.”  – Kathleen

Key Registry Tips

Take it down!

“Make sure to take it down when the wedding is over, otherwise your friends will send you things way later than you expect!” – Kathleen

Look at alternative registries

For our actual wedding, we are now using Zola. It’s the best of everything.

You can link to whatever site you want, and register for “experiences” rather than things – we put in a gift certificate for Whole Foods, a weekend at a hotel in Boston, a cooking class, and even have a honeymoon registry on there!” – Amy

People WILL ask where you are registered

“Wedding registries are a great way to let your guests know what you want.

My husband and I were not going to register anywhere, but decided to because my parents held a reception for us a few months later. Church family was asking about were we were registered.” – Amy

Be wary of Walmart

We also registered with Wal-Mart. With their registry I would have to say to be careful of their online prices. They seemed to go up and down a lot.” – Cate


Ready to make your registry a reality?

Set up an Amazon Wedding Registry.

When you are looking for ideas of what to include, take a look at our gigantic list of wedding registry ideas for people who already have everything.

If you are at a loss of where to start, we have an easy step by step process to help you come up with ideas.

What Amazon wedding registry tips do you have to share?

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